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Last weekend was full of lots of raiding.  Some highs, some lows, some guildies, some puggers.  The focus will be on the latter.  It was interesting.  Anyway, moving along…

Friday night, the guild started off with the weekly raid on Friday night, which was the first boss in ICC:  Marrowgar.  We have downed him before, so we went in there with a good bit of confidence – and rightfully so.  Once he was downed, we decided to keep on trucking deeper into ICC.  After a couple of wipes on bosses (and Gunship suicides), we managed to clear the first wing of ICC for the first time!*  So, congratulations, Zug Initiative!!! 😀 

But for this guy, there was more to be had…


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Just a few weeks ago, I finally dinged 80 on my Warlock.  But I was kind of at a loss.  I had a reasonably good leveling/solo Demonology spec to minimize downtime.  Sure, I had a few ideas of what a good level 80 spec might be (WoWwiki is a great starting place).  But what I didn’t know is;  How do I maximize my potential as a fresh 80?  So, I asked Fulguralis over at Killing ’em Slowly for some help, given that Emblem of Triumph gear is the order of the day.

Now, I’ve been playing a mage for about four years now.  And fortunately with the growth of the WoW community, there are all sorts of resources available – but most of it is for optimizing raiding specs, etc.

So, I realized that there really isn’t any RECENT (or updated) “Fresh 80” mage guides.  Well, that is until I found Empowered Fire.  The ladies over there have done a fantastic and thorough job compiling information for new level 80 mages.  You can click here and overload yourself with excellent information.  Advice on gems, specs, and everything.

But there’s one thing about EF’s guide; They left out most/all of the Emblem of Triumph gear.   To a certain degree, it makes sense, as it will take a little while to have enough EoT’s to get yourself fully suited up. 

But that’s what this post is for:  Given that Tier 9 gear is readily available through EoT’s – What is the best plan of action?  What should one do to make the most of your Tier 9 and Emblem gear?

(Author’s Note:  The following is an opinion piece with lots of rambling, basic mage theorystuffs, and no data to back anything up. 🙂 )


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