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Thank Thrall it’s Friday!

In fact, I thank Thrall for being awesome every day.  I really do!

Anyway, as some of you may have guessed from my last post, I have been leveling my hunter.  And although I did manage to tame an awesome monkey last weekend, I also had a couple of WTF moments.

Also from my last post, I had indicated that I was going to do some adventuring in Winterspring.  I’m not entirely sure why, but I enjoy the zone for the most part.  Of course, some of the quests that you’re doing involve the Timbermaw.  And some of your quests, although given in Winterspring, take you back through Timbermaw Hold and into Northern Felwood.  Okay, no problem! 

Well, no problem, if you ignore the fact that all the mobs you need are dead because there’s a level 80 Warrior farming rep.  He told me to “Quest elsewhere,” but considering the zone if for questing and not farming rep, I just kept going.  Fortunately, as a hunter, tracking humanoids gave me a bit of an advantage finding mobs before the warrior would one-shot them.  So I would send my pet in and tag the bad Furbolgs.  This aggrivated the warrior because I was clearly tagging “his” mobs:

Quest rewards are now a ban, apparently.

You can’t tell from the screenshot, but I was quivering in my boots.  Honest.  No sarcasm here.  I definitely didn’t /ignore him and I surely didn’t stay there until I had finished my quest.

Well, moving along…

One of the other things I dabble in while I’m questing is some good ol’ fashioned PvP.  I’m not very good, but I enjoy the change of pace.  I usually just play in Alterac Valley.  I’m not sure if it’s because of Drek’Thar is almost as awesome as Thrall, or if I just like scale of the battleground because it feels more epic.  Anyway, if you haven’t played, there are two ways to win:  Kill the opposion faction’s General or kill all their reinforcements.  There are some finer aspects of the battleground, but that’s neither here nor there.  The point is, if the battle is resulting in a stalemate of sorts – that is, neither faction is really advancing and both are fighting in one of the zone’s bottlenecks – the only means of victory is through killing the reinforcements.  And if your faction has 120 reinforcements and the opposing faction has 60, the chances are that your faction will be victorious.  But not always:

Let's cut it closer, next time.

Ah well, can’t win them all, I suppose.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend, all ye faithful readers! 🙂

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I PvP.  But I am terrible at it.  And unfortunately for me, you have to PvP your way through some of the World Events.

Midsummer Festival starts today and it’s the last event I need for the meta achievement.  But of course, it has a PvP component:., Stealing the Flames and Desecrating the Flames.  So, I’m learning a few things along the way and I’ve got a few tips to maybe help out surviving this mess. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll get right to it after the cut.


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Children’s Week has come and gone in the worlds of Azeroth and Outland.  And from most of my conversations with other people, they generally like (or don’t mind) the world event, barring one particular achievement:  School of Hard Knocks.  And to be perfectly honest, I’m with them.  I did not enjoy trying to complete SoHK.  Just like many others, I shouted, screamed, cried, and lost some sleep over this nastiness.

Inspired by attempting SoHK, Big Bear Butt chimed in on PvE vs. PvP for achivements and such.  I agree with his sentiments and ideas, and this is [unintentionally] an expansion/tangent on it.  Because Children’s Week isn’t the only world event with a PvP component, but it just happens to be the one that is the HUGEST PAIN IN THE ASS. 




Why is it such a pain?  Some people might say it’s because of “griefers”, jerks, hardcore PvP’ers, etc.   Or that these crazy requirements can bring out the worst in people.  And in some caes, that is very legit.  Hell, I bitched and moaned myself about getting my squishy ass kicked and everyone doing so was a douche.

But now that I’ve had a chance to step back, clear my head of frustration, and re-evaluate my School of Hard Knocks experience; I’d say that this isn’t the case.

Looking back, I think that this achivement actually brought out the best in people.


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I’m after the Wintergrasp Ranger Achievement.  The only area I’ve got left is the Cauldron of Flames. The only time anyone actually goes to that area of Wintergrasp is to farm crystallized fire from the fire elementals. The odds of seeing people there are increased if the WG daily “Fueling the Demolishers” is offered – as was the case on Sunday.

With 20min before the epic (or pathetic ,depending on how it goes) battle for WG began, I headed down to the Cauldron to see if I could find some unlucky people.

I’ll have to be honest here. I’m not a very good member of the Horde.  Oh sure, I have helped slay the leaders of the Alliance  and I have participated in Wintergrasp enough times to have 80 victories.  However, I adore /wave-ing to the other side.  I love the fact that we can emote-interact with the other side. Perhaps my dappling with Alliance alts, just to see their storylines, has made me sympathic. (Althought, I’m still not used to running though Stormwind or Ironforge and seeing all the alliance hanging out there. Kinda makes me nervous.) Or perhaps, I’ve simply taken a lesson or two from Thrall.

Be that as it may, I still have an achievement to get!   So on Sunday, I fell upon those distracted members of the Alliance I found in the Cauldron of Flames. The first one happened to be a clothie – a priest to be exact. Now dropping down on a player who is at less than max health from a battle with a fire elemental is one thing but when he’s only wearing cloth!???!  Thankfully, it was a male Nelf with a goatee. I tend to think bearded Nelfs are a tad greasy-looking so my guilt didn’t last long.

I killed another priest shortly after that. And a human warlock.  And a dwarf warrior.  By then, I imagine that Alliance chat had advertised that there were two Horde players (Regis had joined me by then) ganking people.  That might have explained why the next person we saw /spit on Regis.  However, not all members of the Alliance are like that spitter.  The next after that simply /waved back at us.

I haven’t gotten the 10 kills that I need for the achievement yet so I’ll have to go back and kill some more “innocent farmers” another time.  It does make me wonder about right and wrong.  I’m not doing it for the sport (like the heartless stealthed Rogues who prey on fishermen) – I’m doing it for the achievement.  Does that make it right?  Or the fact that they dare enter into a contested zone automatically makes it okay?  Personally, if it was me getting ganked, achievement or not,  I wouldn’t feel “right” about it at all!    

Maybe I should just /sorry to those I kill next time.  /Sorry the achievement made me do it.

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Arena Points??

Okay… I really didn’t expect my 2nd post on this blog to be reporting the latest news from the  “official patch notes” for upcoming Patches but here I am!  Excited and throwing words down on to a new post!  And I haven’t even finished reading the rest of the official patch notes yet! 

What’s the excitement?  This:

All level 71-80 Battleground daily quests will now award 25 Arena points in addition to their current rewards.

ARENA POINTS???  Ooo-ooh-ooh!   

I really enjoy PVP.  I enjoyed PVP since the first AV that I stepped into, rushing North with the rest of them, not understanding any of the strategy of the battleground, only knowing my soul purpose there was to kill the enemy!   I wasn’t very good at it.  I died.  A lot.  However, I would head straight back into the fray immediately afterwards.   And all that dying paid off!  My first “fast” ground mount was a Frostwolf earned from AV marks.  

With Wintergrasp, I dabbled into PVP on a more regular basis.  I learned what the honour cap was (75,000) and started buying PVP gear in Org.   Visiting the PVP gear vendor, got me dreaming of one day having a complete PVP set so I started working on it.  Every week, I would do the weekly WG quests and piece by piece, I built my set up.  Overtime, I started to see the benefits of the increase resilience from my new gear.  I wasn’t dying all the time anymore.  I was holding my own.  Of course, you can’t buy any PVP weapons with only honor points.  For that you need Arena points.  Hence why I’m excited!  Free Arena Points from my BG quests!  Hell ya!  Sure it will take a long time to gain enough points (1,400 to be exact!  Or 56 BG quests!)  but this casual PVPer will take what I can get! 

Once I get home, I’ll thow in a picture of Chawa with her current PVP set.

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