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Stick It Out

We’ve all been there at some point.

Whether it be in a PuG or with friends, your group ends up wiping on a boss or, heck, even a bad trash pull.  Then one impatient (and/or intolerant) bozo decides to drop group.  Then someone else drops and before you know it you’re back in the queue all by yourself.  It’s unfortunate, because most of the time, just working through the mistakes made can end up paying off in the end.

The biggest pay-off is learning.  Learning the strategies and the fight mechanics will mean that it will be easier the next time you face the encounter.  Whether it be five minutes later after you wipe or tomorrow when you hop in the dungeon again.  Or you may just be learning how to adjust to the rest of the group should you be in a PuG or grouped with Alts.  On top of that, you can learn when it’s best to use your cool-downs and push the limits of your character (DPS, heals, or tanking tools).  Maybe it takes up to three, five, or ten times to get it, but as long as you’re learning and adapting, it’s worth it; you’re becoming a better player.

The secondary pay-offs are the rewards and the sense of accomplishment.  The rewards being JP’s/VP’s and, of course, phat lewtz!  The sense of accomplishment will vary depending on the situation.  Varying from “Thank goodness, this dungeon is over,” to something as wonderful, “Hot damn, it was great to finish this with my friends!  VICTORY IS OURS!”

So, when you’re getting frustrated with a certain fight or run, just remember that if you stick it out to the end, it may end up being worth every minute of the struggle.  Just hang in there and do your best!

Take care and have fun, folks.

– Darth

Now, here’s some music for fun:

PS – A special thanks to The Zug Initiative.  We had a couple of tough Zul’roic runs this weekend, but thanks for sticking it out and getting those bastards sorted out!

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Biggest Crit in WoW, Redux

Just over a year ago, I boasted about a massive crit I scored in a Wrath heroic.

Oddly enough, two folk have recently commented on the post suggesting it’s not a big deal.  And in Cataclysm, nah, it’s not such a big deal to get a 42k crit.  It still may not happen a LOT (depending on gear, conditions, etc.), but it’s not as startling a number as it would have been in Wrath.

With all that said, I’m updating things (with proof this time) that frost mages can still get some massive crits in PvE.  It’s just a shame this doesn’t happen more often to us poor PvE neglected frost mages. I think it’s only happened once or twice, pre Deep Freeze nerf.   (Yes, this is an old screenshot from February 20th, 2011.)

Anyway, kids, I won’t claim this is the biggest crit in WoW, as I’ve heard rumour of higher.  BUT it is from a heroic, so not as many group buffs.  Regardless, it’s still massive.  In fact, my ePeen is so massive that it blocks the sun.  Just LOOK:

112k Crit, baby! *flex*

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I, like most others, love to complain.  Whether it be about bad tanks, loot ninjas, or not living in bestest place ever.

I know I’m not the only one who complains.  We all do at some point.  And that’s okay.  But do you ever find yourself starting to exhibit the behavour you condemn?*


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So, just last week, Patch 3.3.5 dropped.  Real ID was the big “news maker” from the patch.

But another a couple of other changes were made.  The one I’m referring to, in particular, is the changes to the Vote-Kick system. 

 To quote:

The functionality of the Vote Kick feature in the Dungeon Finder will now behave differently according to a player’s history with the system. Players using the Dungeon Finder who rarely vote to kick players from a group, or rarely abandon groups before a dungeon is complete, will find that the Vote Kick option will have no cooldown. For players who frequently abandon groups or vote to kick other players, the Vote Kick option will be kept on a cooldown. This functionality will adjust itself as a player’s behavior while using the Dungeon Finder changes.

I didn’t think about it too much.  That was, until last night.


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The Loot Sanctum?

Sartharion was a bit of a loot piñata.  He wasn’t really all that hard… well, at least without the three other drakes.

And with the drop of patch 3.3.5 yesterday, it means The Ruby Sanctum is even closer to opening its doors portal.

The mechanics don’t seem overly complicated for Halion, as long as you know your group reasonably well.  Split your groups up appropriately as per their DPS output and it should be a cake walk.  (I say this without actually experiencing the fight.)  It does sound a bit like a healer test with a good amount of group damage, but nothing insurmountable.  Especially with the awesome healers our guild has. 😀

So, with that said, have you had a look at the loot table yet?

I just discovered it today as I was looking for upgrades for the Warlock (who is sitting at a 592 hit rating right now.  WTF?!)

And I saw the drops, I started frothing at the mouth. 

I’m getting stares as people go by my office because I look something like this:


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