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Or is it the other way around?  Anyway…

A few weeks ago now, Chawa, Brokentree, and I entered into a random heroic instance using the LFD tool.  BT was going to tank on his warrior, Chawa heal on her priest, and I was going to DPS with my mage.  We ended up getting Pit of Saron.  It went smoothly up until the Krick & Ick fight, where a Death Knight ended up biting it.  Some drama ensued and it resulted in vote-kicking him from the group for being rather rude. 

I really wanted to rant and rave about this guy being a jerk, but decided against it.  Then a little while ago while I was watching some Judge Judy on TV (I’m addicted!), Chawa had this great thought: 

What would it be like if Judge Judy was addressing the drama that came up in LFD PuGs?

So, we conceptualized the dying DK situation from awhile ago and co-wrote this fun little Judge Judy court case. 

Warning:  It’s a bit of a longer read, but it’s a good bit of fun! 🙂  Please enjoy!


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I’m helping Chawa’s priest hunt down the Abyssal Rune from regular ToC.  I decide to go as a tank in hopes of quick queue times.

But this is what I see:

These wait times are unheard of for tanks! WTF!

The things we do for our better halves, eh guys?  nowutimean?

** Edit – 25 minutes later:  After a disconnect, a requeue and maybe another 7 minutes, we got into a group.   The first thing that someone said, “How many of you are here for trinkets?”  Seems everyone but me was.  That said, fairly smooth run despite some bickering over someone wanting The Black Heart (before we even got through the first fight).  Chawa’s trinket dropped and she got it, though.  Hooray!

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An amazing thing happened to me a few weeks ago.  I was called upon by my guild to heal an instance with my priest, Stinka.

Stinka was originally created with the intention to learn how to heal behind her.  Of course, after much study, she listened to the masses and leveled using the Shadow Tree.  As a young and shy toon, she never saw much healing action – primarily because I never bothered to look for groups.  

Fast forward to the amazing thing that happened to me a few weeks ago. 

I’ve got to set the stage properly:  I believe we had 2 level 80s in the mix and we were running regular Azjol-Nerub which is for levels 72-74.  Wait – maybe the first one we did was regular Nexus which is for levels 71 to 73.  Maybe there was 3 level 80s.  I don’t know.  At that point in time, it didn’t matter – all that mattered was that I was responsible for their lives.

And that stress is truly unbelievable the first time. 

How did I do? 

Well, you might have figured it out from the title of this post….   Lets say that I am very thankfully that we had a Level 80 tank because I think the only spells that I used were Power Word:  Shield, Renew & Greater Heal

Not once was Prayer of Mending cast!  The same went for Penance!  And I didn’t use Shadowfiend because I didn’t think you could outside of Shadowform – the poor neglected puppy!    😛

Also, the PWS, Renew and Greater Heal Spells were a  few ranks lower than what I could actually do.  The spells that I actually had on my action bars in my second spec hadn’t been updated to the highest rank in many levels.  Mucho thanks to the party member who thought to give me that duel-spec tidbit of information after the first pull.

Thanks to the fact that the tank was level 80 and the party was a group of experienced players, no one took much damage.  Eventually, I figured out that I could toss a Shadow Word Pain dot up once in a while.  That’s right – I figured out how to heal and cause damage at the same time! 

I suffered from incredible Healer Tunnel Vision.  All that mattered were the health bars of my party.  It was all that I could see.  Healer Tunnel Vision was so intense for me during Boss fights that it took a while to realize when the fight was actually over.

When my team’s health was at max, my own mana became priority, just so that I could be ready for the next pull.  Dead mobs with loot waiting to be picked up were irrelevant.  Sorry but I can’t heal and loot at the same time.  My focus was always to be ready for the next pull, the next threat to my party.

Another thing that I almost got in trouble with is that my Healer Tunnel Vision didn’t necessarily include my own health bars…     Yes silly healer, you’re responsible for your own life too!  I also got a horribly stiff neck from being locked in Healer Tunnel Vision mode. 

Even though I know my first run as a healer was filled with newb and “rigged” with heroic level toons in a normal instance, as I mentioned earlier, it was amazing.  It was an incredible, stress filled, exhilarating experience!  It was definitely on the same level of a roller coaster thrill ride.  It’s too soon to say that I’m junkie but it’s definitely a ride that I’d try again!

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