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A Glimpse at Cataclysm

Leveling and Alt aficionado, Psynister, wrote a post both expressing his and seeking your opinion on Race & Class restrictions, as they will be changing somewhat with Cataclysm.

Inspired by some friendly banter between us, I felt like I needed to share my vision of what Tauren Paladins will look like in the next expansion.

So here you go; proof that Tauren Pally’s will be the most bad ass thing ever.

"Grazing" in Mulgore. Phear it.


I rest my case.

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Last weekend was full of lots of raiding.  Some highs, some lows, some guildies, some puggers.  The focus will be on the latter.  It was interesting.  Anyway, moving along…

Friday night, the guild started off with the weekly raid on Friday night, which was the first boss in ICC:  Marrowgar.  We have downed him before, so we went in there with a good bit of confidence – and rightfully so.  Once he was downed, we decided to keep on trucking deeper into ICC.  After a couple of wipes on bosses (and Gunship suicides), we managed to clear the first wing of ICC for the first time!*  So, congratulations, Zug Initiative!!! 😀 

But for this guy, there was more to be had…


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Welcome to my un-authorized and previously un-discussed counterpart to Brokentree’s post on Pugging as a Tank.  Yes, I’m riding on your coat tails.

Anyway, this post is mostly inspired by an altercation I had over the weekend while pugging away in the LFD system.

You see, I teamed up with one of our Pally tanks to acquire my EoF’s for the day.  No worries!  Having a tank in group = no waiting!  The loading screen fired up and we were presented with Oculus.  No problem!  Two more EoT’s and a chance at a funky mount.

Of course, the start of the instance is arguably the worst because of all those stupid whelps.  But you usually manage.  I find as DPS it’s usually best to just target one whelp and blow the hell out of it.  Sure, you get zapped once or twice, but it’s only one whelp so it isn’t so bad.  Anyway, we go into our second pull with a couple of the dragonkin and the DPS Death Knight gets a ton of aggro and dies.  Smarmy words ensued.

I was initially going to detail the argument, but it detracts from my point.  Short version is that the DK blamed the tank for not having aggro and I defended the tank, suggesting that DPS stealing aggro is the fault of DPS.

So, I’m going to provide you with a two very simple tips to help you share a healthy balance of threat with your beloved tank:

  1. Read THIS. (Hooray for more coat tails!)
  2. Learn what your tank’s AoE ability looks like and wait for it.

Otherwise, my DPS brethren – pulling aggro is indeed YOUR fault.  Have some situational awareness.  Adjust to your surroundings and your tank, whether it be their play style, gear, or inexperience.

Thank you, that is all.

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Most LFD stories go into some length of how a group (or part of it) was filled with fail.  This one is slightly different.  As it was mostly some bad luck and our own little bit of fail. 😛

So, last night we only a few guildies were left when Chawa and I were able to log on.  (We’re two or three time zones “behind” most of our guild mates.)  We grouped up and ran a normal HoR run in hopes of a couple of tank upgrades for our pally, so I was running on Darth.  He got a cloak and although there were no drops of interest from the rest of the run, we kept going.  Finished it up, no problem…it was on “normal” after all!  We wanted to keep going and I wanted my 2 x EoF’s on Darth, so we opted for a random. 

One of our DPS dropped and our healer (guest poster Brokentree) switched from his Tree Druid to get some practice Healadin.  The ol’ LFD system ushered us into HToC picking up an Arms Warrior as our third DPS.  The first bosses we got were the Dranei healer, Dwarf rogue, and Gnome mage.  Healer went down fine although I missed a couple of interrupts due to cooldowns and polymorph.  Seems our DPS warrior also went down fine.  Not quite sure how she died (I think it was a poison pool), but she released and scooted back into the instance. 

Finished that off and then we were on Paletress.  Due to some range issues with the fear segment, our warrior went down again.  (I think Chawa might have died and flew back in for this one, too?)  But finally Paletress bought the farm as well. 

On to the Black Knight.  During phase two, a bit too much ghoul aggro and the warrior died again and flew back.  And during phase 3, I think both she and Chawa died just as the Black Knight was going down.  Pretty tough practice run for our Healadin, but we made it through and fortunately the warrior didn’t seem to get too upset by the deaths.

Us guildies were still up for more and the warrior didn’t immediately drop the group, so we offered her to come along for another.  Seems that she was up for it and off we went to Utgarde Pinnacle.  The first boss was smited with no problem, except for the fact that when she died, the “sword phase” was still ongoing.  So when the warrior and our tank went up to fetch loot, they both got hit with the massive debuff/DoT.  The warrior, of course, died again.  Poor girl.  Rez goes out and we move along. 

Second boss, no problem.  Now to Skadi.  Everything went very smooth.  Run to halfway, let the tank pick everyone up, AoE.  Scurry to the end, get everyone down and pick up harpoons as they drop.  Get Skadi.  Almost lost the warrior to the whirlwind, but Skadi died without losing anyone from our group.  Huzzah!

And wouldn’t you know it, the Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake dropped! 

We stated in Party-chat for everyone to need, which everyone did.  And I’m quite happy to say that the luck of our high-repair-bill warrior had turned around, for she had won the roll!  We go on to finish our run without further incident.

So, there you have it. 

Even after a few deaths, it might be worth your while to tough it out!

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Yesterday evening, there were only four of us online that were willing and able to go to heroics.  The fifth that was on is still in the midst of leveling his first toon.

So, Chawa (BM Hunter), Brokentree (Druid Tree), Melancoly (Shadow Priest), and I (Druid Bear) wanted to give Heroic Halls of Reflection a try.  We had completed it on Normal, so we knew how it worked.  We just were eager for the extra challenge and phat lewtz of the heroic.  So, I would end up tanking on Naturalregis, BT would heal, Chawa and Mel both as DPS and we’d have to pug our fifth.  No problem, we ended up with a Ret Pally (who was actually quite good).

On our first attempt, we wiped on the 9th wave due to a little poor coordination and one bear lacking in rage to provide a swipe.  Yup, my bad.  Anyway, second time around, no problem.  Good work from the DPS in CC and good heals.  Got through the General and our evil selves no problem.  On to the epic chase!

Funny tangent – the first time I came up to the Arthas/Sylvannas fight, I tried to pull Arthas off of Sylvannas.  It worked.  And I got one shotted.  Yeah.  I’m bad ass…even if I’m slightly daft, as well. 😉 

Anyway, this run, I did no such thing.  We watched the fight and got the chase all fired up.  We lost our Pally at the start of the second group, not quite sure how.  (I think it was Abonimation spew.)  Battle rez from the healer.  We lost the Pally again, battle rez from me.  We wiped on the last group due to the tank not getting aggro on an additional Abomination.  D’oh!

Similar thing happened on the next run, minus the Pally getting smushed twice.  Instead, it was Chawa’s turn to get puked on by one (or some?) of the Abominations.  She bravely and selflessly encouraged us to save ourselves and go on without her.  Aaaand with both battle rez’es on cooldown, that was going to happen anyway.  Sorry, hun! 😦

Third run was going well.  Lost another Abomination but was saved due to a well-timed misdirect from Chawa.  Then one of the casting dues (forget their name) decided to hide next to Arthas so the Pally bit it trying to take him out.  Didn’t have the DPS to finish off the Abominations.

By this time, Mel and BT had called the next run to be our last due to that whole wacky real life thing.  So, we rip through the first three groups.  It was going really smoothly.  Again, some good misdirects from Chawa and I actually got a good growl or two in.  Casters went down, and Arthas was getting close.  We went nuts on the Abominations. 

Then BAM!  Last one Abomination went down!  Start running like a mofo!  Arthas was on our asses!

So I ran.  Right into the ice wall. 

I wasn’t getting anywhere.  What the hell?

Then I see Arthas standing next to me, driving his sword into the ground.  And we were dead.



Arthas is a jerkface.  An unfair, perverse jerkface.

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