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What I really mean by that title is “Enjoy the Break (from WoW)”.

Which is a little misleading. As stated in my last post, playtime from WoW is down significantly. But it’s still not zero. A little bit of LFR on a weekend, maybe. And I’ve logged a few hours in the Beta.

I don’t want to put TOO much time into the MoP Beta, as I don’t really want to ruin the leveling/story experience. I’m mostly dabbling to see how the changes feel, particularly with the talents. So far, the Mage, DK, and Hunter all seem to play mostly the same. The talents seem to meet what Blizzard has intended – more for personal style than a “must have” increase to DPS/Threat/Healing output. I mostly have trouble with the PvP-centric talents, and that’s because I build my toons mostly for PvE. But as I said, I believe that’s intended.  As for Monks…it’s an interesting dynamic, and I find them pretty fun.  I’ve only tried the DPS spec up to level 11 and the tank spec at 85 (no dungeons, though).

Anyway, I’m enjoying taking some time off from WoW to do other things. I’ve been able to play other video games, watch some TV series and movies, spend more time with Chawa doing non-computer stuff…and with the onset of summer, probably a few more outdoors-y things, such as walking, bike rides, and barbeque (or as Texans cal it: grilling). I’m also going to play Diablo 3. I’ve been watching some game play videos and trailers, and it looks quite interesting. I have played D1 and D2, but never got into them too intensely…so we’ll see how D3 goes. Given that it was free with the annual pass, it’s really no loss on my end. (I say “free” because I would have been paying for my WoW sub for a year, anyway.)

So, that’s WoW stuff. Now for some Pulled Pork.  This is mostly inspired by @Dechion and his Pulled Pork Recipe post.  This version is mega lazy.  And to emphasize my laziness, I am also not going to show any pictures. 🙂  Note that this will feed four people with two hefty sandwiches each, or feed two people twice.  It freezes and reheats without concern.

Things you need:

  • A crock-pot to do the cookin’
  • 2 lbs (0.9 – 1 kg) Pork Loin roast (don’t trim it yet!)
  • 1 large red or white onion
  • 1.5 Cups of your favourite BBQ sauce (mine is Cattle Boyz Original)
  • 3 TBsp Cider Vinegar
  • 1.5 – 2 TBsp Worcheschire Sauce
  • 1.5 – 2 TBsp Molasses
  • 3 tsp chili powder
  • 2 tsp ground cumin
  • 2 tsp oregano (fresh if you have it, but dried works just dandy)

Add sauces and dry product together in the crock-pot and stir thoroughly.  Remove the string from the pork loin roast, but leave the fat on!  Chop the onion as you like.  Add the pork and onion to the crock-pot and use a spoon to coat the pork and onion with the sauce.  (If you don’t coat everything, don’t panic!  Everything will get coated eventually as it cooks.)

Set the crock-pot to High.  After at least 2 hours (3 – 4 hours is also fine), remove the pork.  Now you can trim the fat, which slides off very easily.  Discard accordingly.  Now take two forks and shred the pork and shred it good (I prefer mine finely shredded).  Return shredded pork to the crock-pot and set the crock-pot to LOW.  Stir to ensure the sauce is mixed nice and evenly.

Allow the shredded pork to cook for another 4 hours on low.  I also recommended stirring the pork every so often to minimize any searing of the mixture to the sides of the crock-pot (this may or may not be a problem with your particular model).

If you want to make your own slaw, I again refer you to Dech’s recipe.  Otherwise, any store bought mayonnaise based coleslaw will do. (Vinegar based slaw doesn’t work as nice, IMHO.)

Buy some nice buns or rolls, cut in the middle, put the pork on, top with some slaw, and then close the roll.  Open mouth, bite down (watch your fingers!), chew 26 – 32 times, swallow, and enjoy.

Now it’s time for me to see how my Tiny Tower is doing…

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Biggest Crit in WoW, Redux

Just over a year ago, I boasted about a massive crit I scored in a Wrath heroic.

Oddly enough, two folk have recently commented on the post suggesting it’s not a big deal.  And in Cataclysm, nah, it’s not such a big deal to get a 42k crit.  It still may not happen a LOT (depending on gear, conditions, etc.), but it’s not as startling a number as it would have been in Wrath.

With all that said, I’m updating things (with proof this time) that frost mages can still get some massive crits in PvE.  It’s just a shame this doesn’t happen more often to us poor PvE neglected frost mages. I think it’s only happened once or twice, pre Deep Freeze nerf.   (Yes, this is an old screenshot from February 20th, 2011.)

Anyway, kids, I won’t claim this is the biggest crit in WoW, as I’ve heard rumour of higher.  BUT it is from a heroic, so not as many group buffs.  Regardless, it’s still massive.  In fact, my ePeen is so massive that it blocks the sun.  Just LOOK:

112k Crit, baby! *flex*

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Cataclysm – Mage Trees

As you may have learned from my last post, I’m feeling a little unprepared for the upcoming changes to World of Warcraft. 

Not so much on the changes that are happening in Cataclysm – I’m following Dechion’s advice.  But moreso when the changes in the play mechanics, which will be happening with Patch 4.0.  And with stage-2 of the pre-patch download already completed, it grows nearer and nearer.  As such, I decided to take a look at the Cataclysm mage talent trees (dated Sept 17, 2010.) 

Come take a look at the builds I made!  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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Or is it the other way around?  Anyway…

A few weeks ago now, Chawa, Brokentree, and I entered into a random heroic instance using the LFD tool.  BT was going to tank on his warrior, Chawa heal on her priest, and I was going to DPS with my mage.  We ended up getting Pit of Saron.  It went smoothly up until the Krick & Ick fight, where a Death Knight ended up biting it.  Some drama ensued and it resulted in vote-kicking him from the group for being rather rude. 

I really wanted to rant and rave about this guy being a jerk, but decided against it.  Then a little while ago while I was watching some Judge Judy on TV (I’m addicted!), Chawa had this great thought: 

What would it be like if Judge Judy was addressing the drama that came up in LFD PuGs?

So, we conceptualized the dying DK situation from awhile ago and co-wrote this fun little Judge Judy court case. 

Warning:  It’s a bit of a longer read, but it’s a good bit of fun! 🙂  Please enjoy!


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Ah, glorious Vault of Archavon (or VoA), how you amuse me! 

Okay, maybe VoA doesn’t amuse me so, but sometimes the people in it do. 

For those who avoid PvP (and live underneath an Azerothian rock), VoA is the raid you get as a reward for winning the world battleground known as Wintergrasp.  So, if you have happened to participate in the WG battle that happens approximately every 2.5 hours, you will notice the VoA callouts immediately after a victory (both in WG and Dalaran).  

[1. General] [PlayerName] LFG VoA 10/25!!!1!  (And anything of the ilk.) 

You are also likely aware of fact that VoA bosses drop some high end PvP gear and tier gear.  Toravon drops potential hands or legs in Tier 10, Koralon drops hands/legs in Tier 9, and so on for Emalon and Archavon.  The iLevel loot also matches up with the raid size, so 25-man VoA drops 25-man equivalent gear.  Which also means that if you run both 10 and 25, you get potentially two swings at the bat for some phat lewtz and some extra Emblems of Frost

Depending on the time and day, I enjoy duking it out in Wintergrasp and following it up with hopping into a VoA.  Now, the biggest downside of every VoA run is that you’re in a PuG.  As such, they can often be a little unpredictable.  This latest venture into VoA was just that, because the completely unexpected did occur to me. 


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