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The Lich King cast Defile on the same character that was getting carried by a Valkyr.


Honestly, is that some sort of sick joke?!

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You should have read it –>here<–, instead.  (With a screenshot!)

Quick, go check.

No, really.  DO EEET!

Great!  Thanks for trusting me! 😀

Anyway, as you are now aware, The Zug Initiative has finally beaten the Log-In screen.

That’s right!  Sindragosa is a pile of bones now.

It was a pretty big hurdle for us.  We had issues with it a month or two ago… well, mostly phase 3/final ground phase.  In our defence, we always seemed to have a slightly different lineup for whenever we made our attempts.  And actually, last night was no different.  We had two melee DPS that had never seen the fight and it was the first time I was doing it on my Death Knight (instead of my druid).

So, we did have a few hiccups in the first phases with our melee running away from the Blistering Cold thingy.  I also ended up getting too many frost breath debuffs.  300% reduced movement speed is all sorts of awful.  Fortunately, we ended up switching tanks after each air phase, which helped immensely.

Phase 3 still proved to be problematic.  The group got fairly scattered after each ice tomb, some ice tombs hit too many people, and some were a bit too far away from the group.  But each time we inched a little bit closer to Sindy’s demise.  15%.  13%.  10%.  We said “one more time” about three or four times…it was hard to give up after getting that close.

But something clicked on the successful attempt.  The healers did a phenomenal job of communicating when they needed to switch to tank healing.  The other tank communicated to me that he couldn’t get rid of his stacks so I used my defensive cooldowns as timely as possible.  We communicated to DPS positioning better (ie: not running too far, getting re-grouped up and not so scattered, etc).  It all fell into place and everyone was on top of their situational awareness.  We managed to lose only one DPS.  It was fantastic to finally get that beast down! 

Heck, we were so excited about overcoming this hurdle that we almost left Pacheco in a Frost tomb.  Even she forgot she was still in one. 😛

Anyway, it’s over 12 hours after the fact and I’m still pretty damn stoked about it.  And I’m looking forward to laying the smack down on Arthas!


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That’s right, kids.

I’ve been unfaithful to one of my characters.

I know… oh, I know!  HOW SCANDALOUS!

I’m usually of such a high moral standard that such a thing is barely believable!

But sadly, it is true.

Ever since patch 4.0.1 launched, I’ve found myself in a similar situation as Dechion, who is not all that pleased with the changes to his hunters.  (And now a day after I wrote that line, Dechion is re-inspired.)  Either way, I am not all that pleased or comfortable with druid tanking right now…or as Dech/BBB have both noted, maybe I’m not willing to re-learn druid tanking.

But I have found my tanking “mistress”…


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You can cast a better heal but you can't spend more mana.

Update: This post is ancient and no longer applicable. See the Cataclysm version here.

Like a lot of resto druids, I tend to Rejuvenate first and ask questions later.

Fight starting? Rejuv the tanks.

Targeted by something? Have a Rejuvenation.

AOE coming up? Rejuvenation for all with a side of Wild Growth.

With Swiftmend and Nourish to plug holes and the occasional free Lifebloom, this strategy has seen me most of the way through Icecrown.

However, one recent fight — Blood Queen Lana’thel — has gotten me thinking about Mana regen again.

We’ve only beaten her a few times at this stage but I find this fight harder on my mana than most of the rest of ICC. It eases up towards the end when a good chunk of the raid have been turned into self-healing vampires but there’s a bit before that where I find I’ve Innervated, chugged a potion (in case), my trinket is on cooldown and my mana bar isn’t as blue as I would like it to be.

Given that a stated goal of Cataclysm is to make healers think about mana again, it seems like a good opportunity to start examining my spellbook to see if I need to change my approach.

Warning: attempted theorycrafting!


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Screenshot or it didn’t happen, right?

It seems Chawa got a good shot of our success.  Apparently, she had some spare time…

So, here it is:

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