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Last weekend was full of lots of raiding.  Some highs, some lows, some guildies, some puggers.  The focus will be on the latter.  It was interesting.  Anyway, moving along…

Friday night, the guild started off with the weekly raid on Friday night, which was the first boss in ICC:  Marrowgar.  We have downed him before, so we went in there with a good bit of confidence – and rightfully so.  Once he was downed, we decided to keep on trucking deeper into ICC.  After a couple of wipes on bosses (and Gunship suicides), we managed to clear the first wing of ICC for the first time!*  So, congratulations, Zug Initiative!!! 😀 

But for this guy, there was more to be had…


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This should have been a Monday post, but the day was far too busy.  And I lacked focus.  Because focus is for chumps.  And for people who know what they want to do.

But that’s where I was this past weekend, as well.  I completely lacked any focus about what I wanted to do with my characters.  Sure, I had a general idea, but I had no plans on how to go about it.

Darthregis – I’m pretty much “maxed” out with him in regards to gear, other than trying to farm EoFs.  I’m far too impatient to worry about that.  (Ie: I won’t spend 48 days straight doing a random just to get the iLevel-264 chest piece.)  But I was gradually gaining the materials to get the Bejewled Wizard’s Bracers to upgrade from some Naxx-25 bracers I’ve had forever.  Fortunately, I finally got all the mats put together and found someone to craft them for me (I don’t have the recipe myself).  Now that the Patch 3.3.2 is getting released today, hopefully I can score some T10 pants and gloves in VoA as I did with my current gloves and pants.

Naturalregis – My goal with him was to get away from stacking so much stamina and getting some more avoidance, primarily through more agility.  I’m not sure if it’s necessarily worth it from a survivability standpoint, but I think it should help overall (maintaining threat, etc.)  Anyway, this was achieved by saving up all my EoTs so I could buy four T9 pieces all at once.  I just couldn’t justify the gear swaps until I could get the set bonuses.  I was sitting at about 25 EoT’s away from that.  With some help from guildies and then some chain-heroics from Chawa, BBB‘s horde toon, and a couple of his pals, I managed to get that done. 

Unholyregis – “Wait!  Who the hell is that?” you might ask.  Well, that’s my Death Knight.  I haven’t been doing much with him.  In fact, once he got out of the starter zone, he sat in HFP for a long, long time.  I’d hop on and maybe run some low BC stuff with guildies.  But I’ve dabbled a bit over the last couple of weekends.  Last weekend, I got him up barely to level 66 and got him some heirloom gear (finally).  This weekend I crunched away and got him to level 67 and level 68 (and Northrend) are in clear sight!  The new map/quest tracker system has made questing very efficient for me and with randoms tossed in there as I run through, leveling has been quick.  He now sits in Nagrand getting himself rested up for his next forray into the wilds.  XP bonuses are delicious!  (Much like bacon.)

Trappyregis – “Wait!  Who the hell is that?” you might ask, again.  Well, that’s my baby Hunter.  I quested with him for a good while, early on.  I gave him a break to tinker with a Shaman but that didn’t last because I’ve been in the Barrens too many times.  But I’ve got the heirloom chest and shoulders for both the hunter and shammy (yay enhancement!), but priority is on the hunter.  So I got him from level 40 to level 43 and did some questing with some lowbies in the guild.  We also ventured into Mara Orange and made it pretty far in, but we couldn’t keep up with the bosses being four to six levels higher than people in our group.

Spookyregis – He sat idle.  Poor Warlock.  But he’s reserved for any questing with Chawa’s priest, and as you may have read, she didn’t get much attention either due to Chawa’s other conquests.

The crazy bit is that I managed to get all that done while still doing some errands with Chawa AND getting some PS3 action in there.  Getting close to the end of Batman: Arkham Asylum and got a couple of games in “Be a Pro” mode of NHL ’09 (I’d like NHL ’10, but I got ’09 off a buddy at work).  Yeah, it was a fairly eclectic weekend.  They usually don’t feel so productive.

Now that I’m done all that rambling, I’ve got a few questions for you:

Do you play the game just going with the flow, doing whatever feels right at the time?  Or do you go into the game with specific goals?  Or both?

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Most LFD stories go into some length of how a group (or part of it) was filled with fail.  This one is slightly different.  As it was mostly some bad luck and our own little bit of fail. 😛

So, last night we only a few guildies were left when Chawa and I were able to log on.  (We’re two or three time zones “behind” most of our guild mates.)  We grouped up and ran a normal HoR run in hopes of a couple of tank upgrades for our pally, so I was running on Darth.  He got a cloak and although there were no drops of interest from the rest of the run, we kept going.  Finished it up, no problem…it was on “normal” after all!  We wanted to keep going and I wanted my 2 x EoF’s on Darth, so we opted for a random. 

One of our DPS dropped and our healer (guest poster Brokentree) switched from his Tree Druid to get some practice Healadin.  The ol’ LFD system ushered us into HToC picking up an Arms Warrior as our third DPS.  The first bosses we got were the Dranei healer, Dwarf rogue, and Gnome mage.  Healer went down fine although I missed a couple of interrupts due to cooldowns and polymorph.  Seems our DPS warrior also went down fine.  Not quite sure how she died (I think it was a poison pool), but she released and scooted back into the instance. 

Finished that off and then we were on Paletress.  Due to some range issues with the fear segment, our warrior went down again.  (I think Chawa might have died and flew back in for this one, too?)  But finally Paletress bought the farm as well. 

On to the Black Knight.  During phase two, a bit too much ghoul aggro and the warrior died again and flew back.  And during phase 3, I think both she and Chawa died just as the Black Knight was going down.  Pretty tough practice run for our Healadin, but we made it through and fortunately the warrior didn’t seem to get too upset by the deaths.

Us guildies were still up for more and the warrior didn’t immediately drop the group, so we offered her to come along for another.  Seems that she was up for it and off we went to Utgarde Pinnacle.  The first boss was smited with no problem, except for the fact that when she died, the “sword phase” was still ongoing.  So when the warrior and our tank went up to fetch loot, they both got hit with the massive debuff/DoT.  The warrior, of course, died again.  Poor girl.  Rez goes out and we move along. 

Second boss, no problem.  Now to Skadi.  Everything went very smooth.  Run to halfway, let the tank pick everyone up, AoE.  Scurry to the end, get everyone down and pick up harpoons as they drop.  Get Skadi.  Almost lost the warrior to the whirlwind, but Skadi died without losing anyone from our group.  Huzzah!

And wouldn’t you know it, the Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake dropped! 

We stated in Party-chat for everyone to need, which everyone did.  And I’m quite happy to say that the luck of our high-repair-bill warrior had turned around, for she had won the roll!  We go on to finish our run without further incident.

So, there you have it. 

Even after a few deaths, it might be worth your while to tough it out!

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Do you see what I see?

Although we were a little let down by our lack of success with Malygos on Friday, we decided to group up again on Sunday night.  We were sitting one short and we figured we’d need a full ten for Maly.  So what did we do instead?


We’ve downed her before with the help of BOB‘s Pallywhacker with ten before, so we figured we could handle it with nine.  And after a couple of wipes, we eventually downed that awful dragon lady.

I was tanking on my Druid for this one, as I often do for guild runs.  And during the fight, I took a peek over my shoulder and looked at Chawa’s screen.  I thought it pretty amusing how differently one may actually see the fight in the relation to another.

Me, all I saw was Ony’s feet and my big, fat, bear ass.  Chawa saw a big, mean dragon breathing fire on a wee bear.

Here's my screenshot. I think I got hit by a wing buffet just then.

Chawa's perspective. Quite the difference.

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This morning, the guest cat got on to the nightstand next to our bed and meowed at me.

As a result, my first thought of the day was “Meow”.

My second thought, I’m sad to say, was “Maybe I should go tame a wolf”.

This week’s raid quest is Eye of Eternity; something I was very happy about.  Like a few in the guild, Malygos is the only thing between me and the title Champion of the Frozen Wastes!  It had been a long time since I had last stepped into Maly’s celestial arena.  All of us in the guild have had some good upgrades since then.  It would be great for us to earn that title once and for all.

It never crossed my mind that we wouldn’t be successful.


After 2 hours of failing to beat Maly last night, this Tauren is sore.  My heart is saddened that we didn’t pull it off last night.  My mind is filled with thoughts and ideas of how I could do better.

I’ll admit to being discouraged this morning but I can not admit complete defeat.  There is still no doubt in my mind that we won’t be successful.  Nobody can spend 2 hours in the same dungeon and not learn a few things.   The EarthMother knows that we all did because we improved on every attempt.

And when we are successful, as I know we will be, the victory will be that much sweeter.

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