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I’ve noticed that my old “Mana-efficient healing” post still gets looked at every once in a while, so I thought I should probably do an update that isn’t based around Icecrown Citadel and WoW 3.5.

In the Cataclysm world, mana efficiency has become something that I need to think about all the time as opposed to just on select fights.

My druid has now done a bit of heroic healing and I think I’ve got a good sense of what spells to use when but wanted to look at some numbers again and see if my feelings on the matter hold up.

Warning: some theorycrafting and hand-waving to follow


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“Good day, doctor. You will be tested on your ability to triage patients accordingly this afternoon. Should you pass your examination, you will join the prestigious ranks of Horde Trauma.”

Doctor Gregory Victor

Towards the end of Wrath of the Lich King, if I was healing heroic PUGs I would often wish for a group that was at least kind of bad.

Tank being crit? Score.

DPS pulling aggro? Right-on.

Un-tanked caster mobs pelting me with Shadow Bolts? Win.

While this made healing heroics more fun, the main reason why I liked runs like this was because it was better practice for raid healing.

With a solid tank it was possible to heal most heroics without targeting anyone other than the tank. Actually, with the macros I use I didn’t even have to target them.

It was not ideal practice for raid encounters where every GCD can be important.

Cataclysm has succeeded in bringing the two healing experiences closer together.


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Like many resto druids, I’ve had my share of thoughts on the changes to Tree of Life that came with patch 4.0.

I still stand by my initial view that if Blizzard insisted on giving us an arboreal cooldown I’d like to have kept the existing Tree of Life form and be able to press a button to turn into a bigger tree — a resto druid equivalent to putting it up to eleven.

Additionally, I really wish the new tree form could dance, though at least it can cry about not being able to dance.

But while I was initially sceptical that a healing cooldown would be useful for druids, I’m now starting to find opportunities to use it and I’m finding it really useful.


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I hate Nourish

We recently did the ICC Plague and Blood wings for the first time since patch 4.0.1. The guild just hadn’t managed to raid much lately due to a variety of real-life commitments (babies, jobs, visits, etc.) so it was nice to get back there.

However, one thing has become very clear after healing those wings again: Nourish is now really terrible!


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You can cast a better heal but you can't spend more mana.

Update: This post is ancient and no longer applicable. See the Cataclysm version here.

Like a lot of resto druids, I tend to Rejuvenate first and ask questions later.

Fight starting? Rejuv the tanks.

Targeted by something? Have a Rejuvenation.

AOE coming up? Rejuvenation for all with a side of Wild Growth.

With Swiftmend and Nourish to plug holes and the occasional free Lifebloom, this strategy has seen me most of the way through Icecrown.

However, one recent fight — Blood Queen Lana’thel — has gotten me thinking about Mana regen again.

We’ve only beaten her a few times at this stage but I find this fight harder on my mana than most of the rest of ICC. It eases up towards the end when a good chunk of the raid have been turned into self-healing vampires but there’s a bit before that where I find I’ve Innervated, chugged a potion (in case), my trinket is on cooldown and my mana bar isn’t as blue as I would like it to be.

Given that a stated goal of Cataclysm is to make healers think about mana again, it seems like a good opportunity to start examining my spellbook to see if I need to change my approach.

Warning: attempted theorycrafting!


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