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Superior Firepower: Arcane Magery

So, a few days ago I wrote a lovely opinion piece on what a new level 80 Mage should do whilst being showered with Emblems of Triumph.  And I actually recieved a few comments that did not tell me to, “Go play Pictionary or something…”

One particular comment came from Metaneira, in regards to the T9 set bonus for Arcane mages.   To quote:

Also, the T9 set bonuses do best suit fire mages, but even arcane mages will benefit more from 4pc T9 than 2pc T9 + the two 245 pieces. At least that’s what the math tells me, even though it seems unlikely.

So, I thought I would put that theory to the test.

Questionable testing procedures and results by the horribly unqualified to follow.


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Just a few weeks ago, I finally dinged 80 on my Warlock.  But I was kind of at a loss.  I had a reasonably good leveling/solo Demonology spec to minimize downtime.  Sure, I had a few ideas of what a good level 80 spec might be (WoWwiki is a great starting place).  But what I didn’t know is;  How do I maximize my potential as a fresh 80?  So, I asked Fulguralis over at Killing ’em Slowly for some help, given that Emblem of Triumph gear is the order of the day.

Now, I’ve been playing a mage for about four years now.  And fortunately with the growth of the WoW community, there are all sorts of resources available – but most of it is for optimizing raiding specs, etc.

So, I realized that there really isn’t any RECENT (or updated) “Fresh 80” mage guides.  Well, that is until I found Empowered Fire.  The ladies over there have done a fantastic and thorough job compiling information for new level 80 mages.  You can click here and overload yourself with excellent information.  Advice on gems, specs, and everything.

But there’s one thing about EF’s guide; They left out most/all of the Emblem of Triumph gear.   To a certain degree, it makes sense, as it will take a little while to have enough EoT’s to get yourself fully suited up. 

But that’s what this post is for:  Given that Tier 9 gear is readily available through EoT’s – What is the best plan of action?  What should one do to make the most of your Tier 9 and Emblem gear?

(Author’s Note:  The following is an opinion piece with lots of rambling, basic mage theorystuffs, and no data to back anything up. 🙂 )


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Post title is, of course, semi-inspired by Ratshag.  The other source of inspiration is a sorry excuse used by a tank.

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upsdie down.  And I’d like to take a minute – just sit right there; I’ll tell you how I became the Prince of a town called Bel Air… err… I mean, Azjol-Nerub. 

Umm… yeah, what was I saying… Imma gonna get some coffee before I finish the rest of it…

*one hour later – and with tea, not coffee*

So, as you may or may not know, I’ve been messing around with the Resto spec of my druid as of late.  And although the wait times are longer than queuing as a tank (3 minutes as opposed to 3 seconds), I’ve been enjoying it much more.  And as a result, I’ve managed to get two pieces of Tier 9, some things from ToC-10 and the ICC 5-mans, and some other EoT gear.  I still need some better gear (ie: trinkets) – I still can’t quite keep up in HHoR – but I usually do alright.  This, of course, does not mean that there aren’t a few hiccups that can occur. 

There is one particular run from this past weekend that stands out.



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That’s right… after a bit of a lull with WoW the last week or two, I’m re-energized to get playing again.

It’s not so much that I’ve been disinterested in WoW as of late, but I’ve kind of peaked out on my gear for the content that I’m our guild is currently facing. I’ve also been distracted by a lovely shiny. Mind you, I’m quite hopeful that we’re going to get into ICC a bit sooner than I initially anticipated. We did great in ToC-10 with only 9 people last weekend and I’m sure we’ll push even further if we get a full group of 10 people consistently.

Now, of course, I could always work on alts to keep interest high. I’ve been playing this game regularly since 2006 and I’ve only got two 80’s to show for it. But I have been working on my Warlock and Death Knight, which I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. (Even if some days questing can feel a bit chore-esque.) That said; there has been something I’ve been doing lately that has gotten me rather eager to play some more:

Healing on my druid. *GASP!*


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I am fuzzy. 

Therefore, I must be a bear.  Not a tree.

I am not leafy and green.

I am fuzzy.


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