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Hit Patch 4.2 in the Face!

As a casual player of WoW, getting my grubby hands on Valour Points can be a little tough.  With work and the general facade that I’m an adult, I just don’t have the time to deal with jackassery.  As a result, my lack of tolerance for PuGs certainly means few random heroics ever get run.

Fortunately, as patches get released and raid content progresses, Valour Point (and some Tier 11) gear can eventually be purchased using Justice Points.  The “downside” to this is that any existing Valour Points you have will be converted into Justice Points AND anything over the 4000 point maximum will be converted into gold.  As unfortunate as that may be, it’s fair.

Anyway…one of my plans is to maximize my T11 purchasing power after Patch 4.2 and minimize the amount of JP’s/VP’s turned to gold.  And how am I going to do that?



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The Loot Sanctum?

Sartharion was a bit of a loot piñata.  He wasn’t really all that hard… well, at least without the three other drakes.

And with the drop of patch 3.3.5 yesterday, it means The Ruby Sanctum is even closer to opening its doors portal.

The mechanics don’t seem overly complicated for Halion, as long as you know your group reasonably well.  Split your groups up appropriately as per their DPS output and it should be a cake walk.  (I say this without actually experiencing the fight.)  It does sound a bit like a healer test with a good amount of group damage, but nothing insurmountable.  Especially with the awesome healers our guild has. 😀

So, with that said, have you had a look at the loot table yet?

I just discovered it today as I was looking for upgrades for the Warlock (who is sitting at a 592 hit rating right now.  WTF?!)

And I saw the drops, I started frothing at the mouth. 

I’m getting stares as people go by my office because I look something like this:


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Ah, glorious Vault of Archavon (or VoA), how you amuse me! 

Okay, maybe VoA doesn’t amuse me so, but sometimes the people in it do. 

For those who avoid PvP (and live underneath an Azerothian rock), VoA is the raid you get as a reward for winning the world battleground known as Wintergrasp.  So, if you have happened to participate in the WG battle that happens approximately every 2.5 hours, you will notice the VoA callouts immediately after a victory (both in WG and Dalaran).  

[1. General] [PlayerName] LFG VoA 10/25!!!1!  (And anything of the ilk.) 

You are also likely aware of fact that VoA bosses drop some high end PvP gear and tier gear.  Toravon drops potential hands or legs in Tier 10, Koralon drops hands/legs in Tier 9, and so on for Emalon and Archavon.  The iLevel loot also matches up with the raid size, so 25-man VoA drops 25-man equivalent gear.  Which also means that if you run both 10 and 25, you get potentially two swings at the bat for some phat lewtz and some extra Emblems of Frost

Depending on the time and day, I enjoy duking it out in Wintergrasp and following it up with hopping into a VoA.  Now, the biggest downside of every VoA run is that you’re in a PuG.  As such, they can often be a little unpredictable.  This latest venture into VoA was just that, because the completely unexpected did occur to me. 


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Well, a few of the blogs that I read have chimed in with their thoughts on the changes to raiding for Cataclysm.  A few other blogs with their take on the matter have also been mentioned by WoW.com.

Now, I’m sure most of you have probably done your own fair bit of reading and opinion making at this point.  I probably should have put up a post with my thoughts sooner if they were to have any impact.  But I didn’t.  The hampsters are getting fat and lazy, and as such, they aren’t running in their wheels as much as they should.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.  What IS here is my opinion.  I know you didn’t ask, but you’ll get it anyway. 🙂


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I’m helping Chawa’s priest hunt down the Abyssal Rune from regular ToC.  I decide to go as a tank in hopes of quick queue times.

But this is what I see:

These wait times are unheard of for tanks! WTF!

The things we do for our better halves, eh guys?  nowutimean?

** Edit – 25 minutes later:  After a disconnect, a requeue and maybe another 7 minutes, we got into a group.   The first thing that someone said, “How many of you are here for trinkets?”  Seems everyone but me was.  That said, fairly smooth run despite some bickering over someone wanting The Black Heart (before we even got through the first fight).  Chawa’s trinket dropped and she got it, though.  Hooray!

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