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I’m a V.I.P.

You know how I know?!


(Sorry, this is totally unrelated to WoW and I haven’t even finished the 20 Days of Blogging…)


They’ve been my favourite band since, ooh, about 1991 when my sister introduced me to them while we lived in Germany.  She saw them play in Frankfurt, the lucky monkey!

(I realize that I”m showing my age…there may be a reader or two out there that didn’t exist in 1991.)

They broke up in 1997.  That made me a sad panda.  They got back together in 2010 and now they’re touring again.  And I get to be a part of that!  BwAhahahahahahahahahahah!!!

Anyway, just had to share that before I spontaneously combusted.

Carry on.

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Retro Raid Victory

It’s a little late.

It’s a little antiquated.

It’s easier to get than it used to be.

It’s no longer “relevant content”.

With all those things said, it doesn’t mean we didn’t hold a grudge.  The bad blood between us still remained.

But tonight, that all ended.

Next Expansion: WotLK 2??

Finally, that bastard Arthas was bested by The Zug Initiative.

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F-Bombs Galore

Today is April First, also known to many as April Fool’s Day.

Fret not, this isn’t one of the many pranks being executed.  (Frankly, I’m not clever enough to put one together.)

But this is also an extra special day should you be a member with The Zug Initiative.

Today is the Fourth birthday of the guild!

I won’t go into the story so much because a) Pacheco already has, and b) I did so last year.  Again, Pach beat me to it, but she has a 3 hour head start.

Fortunately, despite guild activity being down a bit since the release of Cataclsym and having a Guild affair with EFF the IneFFable, it’s still a Fun place to be and it’s still home.

So, Happy Birthday, “The Zug Initiative”!  Thanks for being so F‘ing awesome!! 😀

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Master of Beasts

Like many out there, I have a few alts.  Some get neglected and some just “click” and I play them whenever I’m not using my mains; my hunter is one of those.  I worked pretty hard to get him up to 85 and he’s already geared for heroics…well, barely.  But he’s fun play and can solo things I wouldn’t think of doing on most of my other characters.

But really, one of my goals was to get all the Spirit Beasts with my hunter.  And today, I finally have accomplished that.  With a bonus pet!!  Wheee!!

See the gallery after the cut!


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Lunch Lady Regis

Despite the post title, this isn’t actually another post about Cooking in WoW or related achievements.

I just happen to write most of my blog posts over lunch, like this one.  (For those who are curious, today’s lunch consists of leftover Teriyaki Chicken stir fry.)  While I do have a blog post that will be inspiring, moving,  and provacative that is bouncing around in my brain…that’s not what this post is about.

See, lunch time is when I get most of my blog reading done, as well.  And this post is a quick shout-out to a couple of those:


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