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We waited with baited breath, but it’s finally official:

Raid from the Heart is being held on Saturday, October 16th!*  12:15pm server time!

Last year, some of you may recall that Big Bear Butt held a Raid for the Cure, in honour of one of his guildmates who ended up being diagnosed with breast cancer.  Anyone who attended last year can attest to the fact that it was a good bit of fun, all in support of an excellent cause. 

This year, as the name would suggest, is about raising awareness with matters of the heart.  No, no – not all that girly emotional stuff that us men get confused with.  It’s literally one’s heart – which, as far as I’m concerned, is an equally excellent cause as RftC was (and still is).  And like last year, I expect this raid will have just as many people who have been affected, directly or indirectly, by the many varying heart conditions out there.  So, I’m also sure it will be a moving event, as well…yes, some of that girly emotional stuff.

The event will be held on the Kael’thas – US server, with hosts on both Horde and Alliance factions.  For more in-depth details, they can be found on BBB’s blog here.  You’ll also find some info on where you can donate or you can even score a pretty sweet t-shirt via the Cafepress store.

My Grandfather (father’s side) died from his second heart attack when I was 10.  My Grandmother (mother’s side) died when I was 16 from her second stroke (which I associate with the heart because of the H&S Foundation.)  Heck, I even had one of my good army buddies have heart surgery before he was 30, and he’s a personal trainer, so you can imagine how the advances in heart research have saved his life.

You can damn well bet I’m going to be there.

So, come on out – support the cause and have some fun!

* Oh yeah – Cataclsym, December 7th.  For reals.

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For those of you who missed out on the epic history of this blog, I’ll recap briefly for you:

Chawa and I started this blog just over a month ago.  (Yeah, that part about the “epic history”…I was embellishing.  Just a tad.)  Interest in writing this blog piqued when our very lovely, near and dear friend, Pacheco, posted a few blogs about our guild’s progress and achievements.  It’s mostly to share our experiences and thoughts on WoW.  We’re not theorycrafters or PTR junkies or “World firsts” raiders.  So, we knew our audience would be limited – mostly likely to just friends.

Now, Chawa and I read a few WoW blogs; one of them being a particular and popular druid blog known as Big Bear Butt.  It was even extra cool because he was on our same server!  *gasp!*  (BTW, it’s an excellent blog if you haven’t checked it out yet.  But you probably have.)  Aaaanyway – he decided to host an in-game event in honour of a friend and guildie who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  This event would be called Raid for the Cure, which Chawa and I were happy to participate in.  During this event, BBB was bouncing between both factions.  So we were lucky enough to meet the Bear himself, in-pseudo-person!  *gasp!* *get autograph!* *swoon!*

Turns out, he’s a really cool dude.  Ended up stalking chatting a bit more when he hopped onto his Horde toon thereafter.  We also took pity on his sad, little Retadin and had him tag along for some instances and guild raids.  

One night, we were on Vent and one of his guildies, Dechion, had joined in.  We met him at the Raid for the Cure shindig as well and he just so happens to be another really cool guy.  (He’s helped me make so much money on the AH!)  So, while we were chatting, it came out that we (Chawa and I) had a blog.  Dechion already knew about it from chatting at the RTFC event, but the infamous Bear had not.  I didn’t elaborate on the blog that evening, but I should have figured he would have hunted us down eventually.  Because that’s what bears do.  They hunt.  Honest.

So, one day the wonderful and beautiful Chawa writes an amusing post about her thoughts on achievements for Pilgrim’s Bounty.  The crazy thing is…the Bear…he liked it.  So much, in fact, that he wrote a post of his own that had it’s own little Bear-esque-tangent.  But the intro, well, it referred to and linked to our blog!  *gasp!*  It was pretty exciting and some e-mails to Pacheco, Pach’s hubby, Chawa, and I flew around.  It was pretty fun!  The only issue, though, was how the hell do we not get all “OMFG!  ISTHISFORREALZ?!” at work?  (Fun @ work is prohibited, you know.)  Most, if not all, of my co-workers do NOT play WoW… so how would you explain that one?  “Uh, yeah.  Customer e-mailed.  He’s mad and needs something yesterday, but we can’t get it to him until tomorrow.  Yup.  That’s why I’m smiling.  Angry clients.” 

That was now about three weeks ago.  And not that I’m a total stat nerd or anything, but I had to check it out and looked at the ol’ WordPress stat report for this blog.  This is what I saw:

See that huge jump in site visits? Yeah, guess what caused that...

So, if you weren’t convinced that BBB was a popular blog, well… here’s some proof.  And I’m pretty sure that not everyone who reads his blog clicked the linky to our page. 

Eventually, it occurred to me that there’s only one person that likely has this kind of influence.

You guessed it:


Thus, I propose a new blog name for our friendly feral druid – Big Oprah Butt.

Yup.  I’m calling you BOB from now on. 🙂

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Yes, I’m a week late.  But I am determined to put this up…mostly because I said I would.

So, last week, we went along to Big Bear Butt’s “Raid for the Cure”, which was inspired by one of his guild mates being diagnosed with breast cancer.

And last week Chawa posted some pics from the Alliance side (as she has a not-so-secret Ally toon) and I stuck with the Horde side.  Unfortunately, the Horde side didn’t have quite the showing the Alliance did, but it was still nice to have a pretty good group out there.  So here’s a few pics:

Camp Narache

We made our trek through Mulgore and we even managed to survive a bit of Barrens chat when we met up with the Alliance group just outside of Crossroads.

The group then made their way to Ratchet to catch the boat to Booty Bay.  It was quite the sight!

And of course, while in Booty Bay, there was a big party.

So, all in all, it was a very good time.  Everyone was shouting, “For Mom!”, “For our sisters!”, and some were even discussing their emotional stories about their experiences with cancer.  It was very moving.

So yes, this post is dedicated to those women who mean so much to us.  Our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, and friends.  We love you all!

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That’s right!

John “Big Bear Butt” Patricelli is hosting Raid for the Cure on the Kael’thas (US) sever tomorrow; Saturday, November 14th.  All timings to follow are based upon SERVER TIME.

This will be a cross-faction, in-game raid/walk.  The Alliance will be starting in the Night Elf intro area in Darnassus at 2PM and will be making their way to Astrannar, while the Horde will be in the Tauren starting area in Camp Narache at 2:30PM.  Both groups should be arriving just outside the Crossroads in the Barrens by about 2:45PM.  From there, both groups will make their way to Ratchet and subsequently Booty Bay for some piratey drinking and fun!

There will be some Pink Mageweave shirts handed out for those who are lacking.  That’s right.  PINK!

To try and keep somewhat organized, there’s also going to be a chat channel for each faction.  You can set yourself to join the channel via the following or just do a /join RaidfortheCure when you log on.

Chawa and I shall be there in pink-shirted glory.  Hope you can join us on the Horde side or Big Bear Butt on the Alliance side!

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