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Day 13:  People (Players/bloggers) I Admire

Firstly, pretty much every blogger I read, I admire to some degree.  Some for their writing; some for their knowledge of the game; some for their skill with the game.

But as far as players go, I would say it is the people that still think of WoW as a game.  Those folk seem to have the most fun with it.

Unlike a lot of games, WoW has many facets and is quite in depth, even if you disregard that it’s an MMO.  Many [or most?] of us tend to put a lot more time and devotion into WoW than we would other games.  (Other than RISK of course.)  Also, as per design, more time and effort is required should you wish to experience WoW to its fullest extent.  As such, we can often find ourselves making a game feel like work.  While I can appreciate why people do it, I don’t necessarily agree with games getting to that point.  I know I have to take a step back or changes things up if it gets to that point for me.  But it doesn’t get that way for everyone.  Plenty of people still play the game because it’s simply fun for them.

So, yeah, if you still have fun with the game, then *I* admire *YOU*.  Trufax.

Buddy of mine is in this band, so I’m showing some support*:

* – I hope the link works.  Apparently it didn’t save properly the first time around.  Please let me know if you can actually see the video “Awake” by The Autumn Portrait.

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Day 12:  A Day In Your Life/Online Time

My typical work day starts with hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock.  Eventually I get up and cleanse, eatc, etc.  Like a good drone, I go to work and provide technical support to our clients, sales team, and field operations.  According to everyone else, I’m the only expert that has ever existed.  They, of course, are not experts with anything.

After a long day of pretending I know what I’m talking about, I go home and make supper.  By the time that’s all said and done, it’s about 6:30pm – 7:00pm.  And that’s about when I can get started with WoW on any given night.  Weekends, of course, are an exception to this.

If we have enough guilded people online, we try to sneak a heroic in.  Given that the guild covers many time zones, this may not always be the case.  So, I often end up doing dailies (if I need money/rep).  If not, I like to noodle around with PvP.  I’m terrible at it, but I occasionally destroy someone who’s worse than me.  Infrequently, I will spend an evening farming mats.  Throw on some tunes to rock out to and just go, go, go.  Although still haven’t managed to max out Archaeology on any character just yet.  Go figure.

Weekend playing is more of the same, but usually bouncing around different characters.  Sometimes on weekends we manage to do non-WoW stuff.  Like laundry or groceries.

No, it’s not terribly exciting on paper (in text?), but I manage to stay mostly entertained at work or home.  Should I find myself in a funk, the best way to get out of it would be funk.

Just watch this – you’ll see what I mean:

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Day 11:  Bad Habits and Flaws

The list is far too long.  But I’ll try to keep it short.

  • I commit the ultimate evil – I keyboard turn most of the time.  Now and again I try to mouse turn while PvP’ing on the DK… but it’s usually the mouse.  Too much FPS’, I suppose.
  • I mix up clicking some abilities with my mouse.  Very inefficient.  Especially in PvP.
  • I rarely use macros, which could help with CC and PvP… but nope.  Too much work!
  • I often “feed the trolls” when folk are nerd raging.  Sometimes it’s fun.  Sometimes I wish they’d just shut up.  Eventually I’ll get to the /ignore stage. 😛
Eeeeh, those are the worst.  Outside of that, it’s mostly picking my nose, chewing with my mouth open, and calling cats nasty names.  Stupid cats.
Some tunes, yet again:

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Day 10:  Blog/Website Favourites

Sorry…fell off the wagon for a bit there.

Blogger burnout?  Nope.

It was a trip to Mexico.  I wrote as many blogs as I could and post-dated them for while I was away.  But I got stuck on this post.   Well, that, and packing needed to be done.

But we’re home now, stuffed with all sorts of free food and free beer.  Good times!  I’m sure a post will go up about it once the photos get sorted, etc.

Aaaaanyway, Blog/Websites…

I’m going to be a big, lazy, sissy about this.  I’m going to mention non-WoW websites.  There are far too many I read – and I also worry about leaving someone out.  A lame cop-out, but that’s just how it’s going to go… you’ll get some non-WoW stuff.

Gaming – I like Gamespot.  They keep up to date with most gaming news and I tend to agree with most of their game reviews.  As such, they’re helpful with picking out my next non-WoW adventure.  I know IGN is fairly popular, but last time I used it, it was slow and bogged down with too many ads.

Movies –  I lurrrves me a good film.  So, I frequent THE online movie resource: Internet Movie Database.  I also check out iTunes Movie Trailers.  They’ve shown me a few flicks that I would have otherwise been totally unaware of.

Online Comics – [Mature content warning for all of the following]:  Amazing Super PowersCyanide & HappinessSaturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Other:  Dictionary.com, CNET Reviews, Nova Scotia Webcams.

And yes, indeed…another video:

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Day 9:  Your First Blog Post

Chawa wrote first.

But here’s my first rambling.  It’s basically an earlier version of “Day 1: Intro” of this challenge.  Unfortunately, it’s nothing groundbreaking or news worthy.

Music from more Canadian kids:

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