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The New Top Orc

I’m talking about ME, not Garrosh (or Basic Campfire).

Ironically, I’m also talking about my Troll mage, DarthRegis.

In game, I’m on a bit of a mount quest for my master of the pew-pew.  After I had gotten Exalted with the Mag’har on my druid, I realized that I wanted Talbuk mounts for everyone.  Given that I’m not entirely crazy, I decided to be realistic about it and limited the Mag’har Repgrind for only one more character.

I’ve still got quite a ways to go, as I got distracted by Chawa’s work on Netherwing rep, which I had actually started at the end of Burning Crusade.  It was brutal to do that as a level 70 clothie, so I gave up.  But now I’m level 80 and completely awesome, and it’s not too bad now that I’m back there.  It’s still a bit of a grind, but at least it’s made of up daily quests and not just smiting ogres.  The advantage, of course, is that it’s a bit different.  The disadvantage being is that you can’t just turn on some music and Frostbolt/Ice Lance shatter combo your way to exalted.

One of the things I heard about in this particular Netherwing grind is that you have to complete a few various races – all while having your opponents throw things at you in an attempt to dismount you or slow you down.  These increase in difficulty as you progress, with Captain Skyshatter as the final race opponent.  I’ve heard many complaints about him and how difficult he can be without any speed enhancements, such as Crusader Aura.

Well, the complaints are justified.  His mount speed is (seemingly) equal to yours, so the only way to catch up is by trying to predict his flight path and try to cut him off while in turns.  Also, the minimum distance you have to be from Skyshatter is reduced drastically, such that your previous race experience is of minimal benefit.  All that, after waiting approximately one minutes and twenty seconds from accepting the quest to actually starting the race.

With that said, I’ve got something to shove into Captain Skyshatter’s face:

Eat it, fly boy!


Yup, actually beat that bugger.  I guess those years playing many flight simulators was actually good for something – like another video game! 😀

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I love professions!  I really do enjoy leveling them but, on my alt priest I had decided to only focus on my 2 main professions and to forget the secondary professions.  My main had already cooking, fishing and first aid maxed out.  Why would I need a second character with the same skills?

However, as my second character began questing in Northrend, it wasn’t long before she came across the cooking recipes that drop.

Every time one of those recipes would drop and I would pass on it.  At first, it was rare to see the recipe drop but gradually, as I started running more and more dungeons, it seemed as those recipes would always drop!  And every time, passing on them became more and more tedious!  Slowly, the recipes wore me down and I would greed them just to stop seeing them drop again!

Of course, now that they had their claws in me, they took up residence in my bags, taking up unnecessary space in my bank.  Destroying the recipes would do nothing except bring more recipes to haunt my future dungeons runs.   I had no choice.

I had to level cooking.


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Olympic Flashback 2008

Grab your Olympic tabard and get your spirits of competition out, the 2010 Winter Olympics start tomorrow!

Hmm…, on second thought, if you’re a female Tauren, you might want to skip on that tabard….

Some tabards just don't look right

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I have found stubbornness to be a most useful trait to have during my travels in the many worlds of warcraft.

In some cases it has led me to great achievements against RNG.  In others, it has granted me rare companions.  Stubbornness can unite a raid together under the banner of “One more time” after consecutively wiping.  And stubbornness will lead you on to that second “one more time” after that.

The last time I remember giving in to my stubbornness was while I was in Blade’s Edge Mountains.  I was playing on my lovely lady death knight princess and was quite enjoying it!  Death Knights are generally accepted as being overpowered and I was having a blast balancing the application of diseases with my self-healing attacks.

Being self-reliant is what leads you to attempt 2 man and even 3 man quests by yourself.

Stubbornness is what will keep you attempting them over and over and over again.  And that is what I found myself doing once.

The quest in particular was Showdown , the last step of a great and entertaining quest chain that in my mind, makes Blade’s Edge one of the coolest places to level in!  (If you know enough to watch out for the elite flying dragons that seemingly come out of nowhere!)

In Showdown, you must defeat Goc, son of Gruul with Rexxar and a suggested 2 other players, by your side.  From reading the comments on wowhead, the quest had been soloed by other classes so I set off to do the same.

Rexxar & me ready for the showdown!

I found Goc’s alter and summoned Rexxar.  Goc appeared very angry to be disturbed!  Insults and challenges were thrown at each other until finally, the battle began and I charged in there, giving everything I had!

I died shortly after that.  Surprisingly, Goc hit hard and my self-healing attacks were not enough to bring my health back up.

Turns out that Goc is an ugly Level 70 Elite.  I guess I had skimmed over that part…

No matter!  I headed back to collect my body and discovered amazingly that our hero Rexxar was still alive and was still fighting Goc with everything he had!!  I instantly rezed, jumped back into the fight with the little health I had, only to die due to falling damage from being launched into the air from Goc’s ground smashes.

I figured I must have done something wrong.  I headed back and this time attempted it again.

The outcome was the same… I died and ran back, rejoined the fight and died again.

The next attempt was the same however at some point I switch to Frost Presence, which sadly did not lead to instant success.

On another attempt, I remembered that I could Raise a Ghoul to get a sidekick.  Unfortunately, I did that before I had started the event and by the time Rex and Goc had finished insulting each other, my ghoul was only around for about 15sec of the fight.

I tried it again and this time waited until the end of the smack talk before summoning my ghoul.  It didn’t make much difference.

I reread the comments on wowhead.  The secret to soloing him was to let Rexxar tank it…

Right…. Aggroing a Level 70 Elite with your Lv 68 Death Knight is bad.  Death Knights are overpowered but not THAT overpowered.

Solution – hold back on the DPS and don’t steal agro.

Again I ghostformed it back, rezzed and healed up to 100% health.

I went back again and tried to hold back on my DPS.  And then I tried again.  And again, each time dying in the middle of an attempt, only to run back and die again.  I’m telling you  – it was the first time I’ve ever cringed at a critical hit!

I had come close enough to defeating Goc that I knew it was possible.  So I kept at it. I kept at it until all of my armour needed to be completely repaired.  And then I went back again.

I have no idea how long I was at this, how many attempts it took or how many times I died.  All of that was unimportant!  Stubbornness had taken over and there was no way I was going to give in.  Nor would I ask anyone for help.

And honestly…, it was ridiculously fun.  Ridiculously fun because I knew I could do this and the challenge was not to just kill the mob and complete a quest.  It wasn’t about pouring out as much DPS as you could! It was to use every bit of newb skill I had until I got it right!  It was about finding the perfect balance of attacks.   And thankfully, I did succeed (otherwise I probably would still be there!)

It was so much fun that part of me wishes I could go back and do it again.

I’m not so sure how Rexxar would feel about that.

Rexxar: "Never Again!!!!!!"

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I’ve already commented on BBB’s post about how the current wow-holiday is bringing out the worst in people but I thought I’d expand on it here.   Besides, I haven’t had the time to do a post in a while so why not.

From the dictionary:

Main Entry: pa·thet·ic

Pronunciation: \pə-ˈthe-tik\

Function: adjective

1 : having a capacity to move one to either compassionate or contemptuous pity
2 : marked by sorrow or melancholy : sad
3 : pitifully inferior or inadequate <the restaurant’s pathetic service>
4 : absurd, laughable <a pathetic costume>

5: This guy who parked his mammoth mount right on top of one of the Love Is In The Air’s chain questgiver.

Mammoth Asshattery

I’m not going to bother announcing his name to the world because I really do believe it would only make him proud to be recognized.   There was enough /yelling and insults flying at him and his only response was to /yell back “YOUR RAGE FUELS ME“.

Yup, he’s an Asshat alright but you have to wonder; why on earth would you bother to be such a jerk?  With that sort of response, I’m sure he was enjoying the angry riot and drama he had created.

As I mentioned in my comment over at BigBearButt’s, the only positive that came out of this was to see the helpful solutions offered by other players.  As per their advice, <CTRL-V> will reveal everyone’s nameplates and by targeting the nameplate, you will be able to interact with the quest-giver.  And I am sure that due to the advice of the Good Samaritans of Orgrimmar this day, eventually the Asshat got bored of his game and left.  

Yes, the good Samaritans still outnumber the Asshats. Keep his in mind when you come across these holiday fools and other jerks you might have to deal with in this game.  I know I will, if only to help me to ignore them and to ignore the drama they try to create.   Don’t give them the satisfaction of letting them get to you!

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