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Yes, I’m a week late.  But I am determined to put this up…mostly because I said I would.

So, last week, we went along to Big Bear Butt’s “Raid for the Cure”, which was inspired by one of his guild mates being diagnosed with breast cancer.

And last week Chawa posted some pics from the Alliance side (as she has a not-so-secret Ally toon) and I stuck with the Horde side.  Unfortunately, the Horde side didn’t have quite the showing the Alliance did, but it was still nice to have a pretty good group out there.  So here’s a few pics:

Camp Narache

We made our trek through Mulgore and we even managed to survive a bit of Barrens chat when we met up with the Alliance group just outside of Crossroads.

The group then made their way to Ratchet to catch the boat to Booty Bay.  It was quite the sight!

And of course, while in Booty Bay, there was a big party.

So, all in all, it was a very good time.  Everyone was shouting, “For Mom!”, “For our sisters!”, and some were even discussing their emotional stories about their experiences with cancer.  It was very moving.

So yes, this post is dedicated to those women who mean so much to us.  Our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, and friends.  We love you all!

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Both Regis and I enjoy photography.  In fact, it was during vacations that I discovered that we share this hobby.  We would  stop somewhere, go our separate ways, taking pictures of the scenary and more often than not, we would end up with the same pictures!  It drives me crazy!  🙂

To avoid any more crazy than I already am, we’ve decided to split the Raid for the Cure (or RFTC for those acronym-inclined) pictures in two – I’ll post pics from the Alliance side of the event and he’ll post his pics from the Horde side.  So be sure to check out Regis’ other blog post because Chawa is sure to be in a few of those photos as well!


There was a good party going on in Shadowglen when Gleanna logged on. Pink Mageweave Shirts everywhere you looked, except for the poor NPCs standing around and Gleanna in her red-polka dotted mail shirt. It didn’t take too long before a kindly stranger opened up a chat window and gave her one for free!


Not before too long, the run began!  And we were off, running through Teldrassil!   And it was very safe!  Level 80s patrolled the outskirts of the group, killing anything that might have harmed the many Lv 1s who had been created just to show support for the event!


Travelling by foot (or barefoot as was Gleanna’s case) had never seemed so fast!  Running through Darnassus was a sight to see!


The dock was crowded while we waited for the boat. Many took the opportunity to cannonball off the pier!


Reaching Auberdine!  The rush through the inn was great to watch!


But it was at this point that I switched to Chawakanda to represent the Horde in this cross-faction event and to participate with my guildies:  Lustig, Pacheco and Naturalregis.


Kudos go to Pacheco – the biggest, baddest Tauren Hunter of them all, who wore a Festive Pink Dress for the occasion and as a result, can be spotted in almost every screenshot that is out there in the NetherWeb of Azeroth!




A few things  I’d like to highlight.  While on Gleanna, she was invited to become a member of the Alliance Guild <Awareness> which I presumed was created solely for this event.   After the event was over, I checked back in with Gleanna and was impressed to see that <Awareness> had a total of 87 members.

87 people who took time out of their lives, to stop whatever they were doing to show support to Julie, to the Sidhe Devils, to BigBearButt and to those they may have known to be affected by cancer in some form of another.  And this is just 1 number.  It doesn’t count the number of people Horde side that participate nor the other Alliance members belonging to the Sidhe Devils or other guilds of Kael’thas!  It is truly impressive to see this many people join together for such a cause.  As it was said:


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I want to see the event from both sides so Gleanna is now in position Alliance side to take part in tomorrow’s  Raid for the Cure!

Isn’t she a cute and friendly dwarf!  Even dressed her lowbie white-level gear and polka dotted mail bra!


Gleanna & Conservator Ilthalaine: Watch where you put that staff Ilthalaine!

I’ll switch over to Chawa in time for the Horde side of things at 2:30pm server.  After all, Chawa is bringing a Delicious Chocolate Cake to the event!  And she definitely doesn’t want to miss a chance to wear a Festive Pink Dress!

Edit:  Chawa is ready to portal off to Thunder Bluff as well!  Thank you Gear Manager for making gear changes so much easier!


Raid for the Cure 2009 - Chawa & Raiju

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That’s right!

John “Big Bear Butt” Patricelli is hosting Raid for the Cure on the Kael’thas (US) sever tomorrow; Saturday, November 14th.  All timings to follow are based upon SERVER TIME.

This will be a cross-faction, in-game raid/walk.  The Alliance will be starting in the Night Elf intro area in Darnassus at 2PM and will be making their way to Astrannar, while the Horde will be in the Tauren starting area in Camp Narache at 2:30PM.  Both groups should be arriving just outside the Crossroads in the Barrens by about 2:45PM.  From there, both groups will make their way to Ratchet and subsequently Booty Bay for some piratey drinking and fun!

There will be some Pink Mageweave shirts handed out for those who are lacking.  That’s right.  PINK!

To try and keep somewhat organized, there’s also going to be a chat channel for each faction.  You can set yourself to join the channel via the following or just do a /join RaidfortheCure when you log on.

Chawa and I shall be there in pink-shirted glory.  Hope you can join us on the Horde side or Big Bear Butt on the Alliance side!

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