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Hit Patch 4.2 in the Face!

As a casual player of WoW, getting my grubby hands on Valour Points can be a little tough.  With work and the general facade that I’m an adult, I just don’t have the time to deal with jackassery.  As a result, my lack of tolerance for PuGs certainly means few random heroics ever get run.

Fortunately, as patches get released and raid content progresses, Valour Point (and some Tier 11) gear can eventually be purchased using Justice Points.  The “downside” to this is that any existing Valour Points you have will be converted into Justice Points AND anything over the 4000 point maximum will be converted into gold.  As unfortunate as that may be, it’s fair.

Anyway…one of my plans is to maximize my T11 purchasing power after Patch 4.2 and minimize the amount of JP’s/VP’s turned to gold.  And how am I going to do that?



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So, patch 4.0.1 has been with us a few weeks and I’m  starting to get used to the changes.

One thing is very clear at this point — I was not prepared.

I thought I was in good shape. I had looked at the new talent trees, read about some of the class changes and my inscriptionist knows every glyph. I figured it would be about on par with 3.0.

Now I realize exactly what needs to be done for each character spec before they are really ready for Cataclysm.


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Cata Chatter Disclaimer: This post was written prior to Patch 4.0.1 and Cataclysm when things were changing weekly, if not day by day! So there is no guarantee that the information below won’t change. Let us not forget that The Ice Stone has melted.  Thank you!

Ever since I first heard that our unused emblems will be converted into a new system of “justice points“, I’ve wondered what my best move would be concerning heirloom items.  Should I buy them now before things change or wait until the new system is put into place?  Would there be an advantage or disadvantage either way?

Thankfully, a friendly commentator on WoWinsider.com has found the answer for me!   And I wanted to pass it along to all of my fellow indecisive friends who haven’t yet committed to a plan of action for a new toon!

Ben F writes:

Assuming the prices for heirlooms on wowwiki are correct and do not change, there is a slight advantage to keeping your emblems and buying heirlooms after the patch hits.

40 emblem gear becomes 435 JP (up by a factor of 10.875 )
50 emblem gear becomes 543 JP (up by a factor of 10.86 )
65 emblem gear becomes 706 JP (up by a factor of 10.86)

The emblems themselves go up by 11.58. 

(For example:  40 emblems will equal 463 JPs after the conversion!) 

So the emblem value goes up slightly more than the cost of the gear (about 6%).

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My poor priest Alt with her dual discipline and shadow specs, has stressed and fretted over how to spend the few emblems of frost she has earned from Alt raid-runs and Pugs of various success.  I enjoy playing both specs and daydream of owning both the tier 10 sets for healing AND for shadow.  Seriously, that shadow 2 piece bonus sounds delicious!   However, as an Alt, who doesn’t pug herself out in trade chat all too often, this dream isn’t possible.  So this means I would have to choose between the two.

As a result, I had decided that I’ll run VoAs every week with hope that some priest tier gear will drop and whatever spec it is for, that will determine which spec I’ll gear myself for.  We will let fate guide me!  And avoid all responsibility of choice!

Of course, this meant priest tier gear would never drop.

It’s finally hit me that Cataclysm is coming.*cough* With around 200 EoFs, it’s high time that I spend them!  I finally decided to gear for healing with the idea that it will be more useful to my guild and those instances I dare step in to with a Pug.  I had read that the some pieces of the shadow set are actually better optimized for discipline then the healing set but I haven’t been able to find an armory of any disc player actually wearing shadow gear.  Plus, being an unexperienced healer, any bonus from the tier set to my healing is an added benefit that I shouldn’t ignore.   So I purchased the healing helm and shoulders (still hoping for a free drop of gloves or pants in VoA).

And then I saw myself for the first time in my new gear.

Headless Much?

Where is hell is my head??

This might take some time to get used to…

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There are many, many resources available out there on the interwebz on how to improve your character in WoW.

These resources can be used to find optimal gear, spec, rotation, gems, enchants, et cetera, et cetera.

But one of the things that people often forget is who they are getting their information from.  Well, maybe not so much “who”, but they forget at what level the information comes.  No, I don’t mean “a level 80”.  I mean more like a “casual” raider or a “heroic mode” raider.  Or even a 10-man raider versus a 25-man raider. 

You see, it’s easy to forget the impact that different tiers of gear (and subsequent stats) may have on the effectiveness of a certain spec.  It’s easy to also forget the available group buffs that impact the spec. 

Let me use myself as an example as to how important these bits of information are…


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