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You should have read it –>here<–, instead.  (With a screenshot!)

Quick, go check.

No, really.  DO EEET!

Great!  Thanks for trusting me! 😀

Anyway, as you are now aware, The Zug Initiative has finally beaten the Log-In screen.

That’s right!  Sindragosa is a pile of bones now.

It was a pretty big hurdle for us.  We had issues with it a month or two ago… well, mostly phase 3/final ground phase.  In our defence, we always seemed to have a slightly different lineup for whenever we made our attempts.  And actually, last night was no different.  We had two melee DPS that had never seen the fight and it was the first time I was doing it on my Death Knight (instead of my druid).

So, we did have a few hiccups in the first phases with our melee running away from the Blistering Cold thingy.  I also ended up getting too many frost breath debuffs.  300% reduced movement speed is all sorts of awful.  Fortunately, we ended up switching tanks after each air phase, which helped immensely.

Phase 3 still proved to be problematic.  The group got fairly scattered after each ice tomb, some ice tombs hit too many people, and some were a bit too far away from the group.  But each time we inched a little bit closer to Sindy’s demise.  15%.  13%.  10%.  We said “one more time” about three or four times…it was hard to give up after getting that close.

But something clicked on the successful attempt.  The healers did a phenomenal job of communicating when they needed to switch to tank healing.  The other tank communicated to me that he couldn’t get rid of his stacks so I used my defensive cooldowns as timely as possible.  We communicated to DPS positioning better (ie: not running too far, getting re-grouped up and not so scattered, etc).  It all fell into place and everyone was on top of their situational awareness.  We managed to lose only one DPS.  It was fantastic to finally get that beast down! 

Heck, we were so excited about overcoming this hurdle that we almost left Pacheco in a Frost tomb.  Even she forgot she was still in one. 😛

Anyway, it’s over 12 hours after the fact and I’m still pretty damn stoked about it.  And I’m looking forward to laying the smack down on Arthas!


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No, I have no idea what that title means, even if I do say it sometimes.  Yes, even in that fabled “real life”.

Regardless, it should get you hella excited!


Because “The Wayward Initiative” is having it’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Woohoo!  Paaaaaaaaaaaarty!


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Myself? Just enjoyed it!

Number 1 ~ Looked at the Log-in Screen for each of my characters for a good 15 seconds until they jumped into action with either spell casts or attacks.  Nice touch that is.

2 ~ Took a look at my Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina that was in the bank and saw that it’s turned into a 24 slot bag! Sweet! Equipped!  *Even better ~ after I logged out, the “quiver of arrows” is visible on my character!  I’ve still got ammo!


Hunters still have Ammo!


3 ~ Took off to Thunder Bluff to train… but decided to stop in and check on Cairne.  Check out the new gear he’s got.  Grats Cairne! Not sure what they are but I’m sure you rock with them!


Battering Ram Skill Maxed Out


4 ~ This inspired me to go visit Thrall and see if he got any gear upgrades.  Sadly, he didn’t.  However, I was invited to stay while the leaders of the Horde discussed the current states of affairs.


Horde Conference ~ Not sure why Cairne wasn't included... :S



I predict that Garrosh will always look like he's yelling, even when he's not. /sigh


5 ~ I then took a ride down to Troll Country.  Found a troll dance party on ‘da islands’.  They are in full celebration due to the recovery of the Echo Isles and I expect they will be until December 7th.  Now, you can blame whatever the Trolls were smoking if you want but I swear the water looks different.  I couldn’t help but go for a swim.


Skinnydipping on Patch 4.0.1 ~ GS this baby!


And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my first night spent after Patch 4.0.1.

I’ll train and retalent tomorrow. Azeroth isn’t going anywhere just yet…

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We waited with baited breath, but it’s finally official:

Raid from the Heart is being held on Saturday, October 16th!*  12:15pm server time!

Last year, some of you may recall that Big Bear Butt held a Raid for the Cure, in honour of one of his guildmates who ended up being diagnosed with breast cancer.  Anyone who attended last year can attest to the fact that it was a good bit of fun, all in support of an excellent cause. 

This year, as the name would suggest, is about raising awareness with matters of the heart.  No, no – not all that girly emotional stuff that us men get confused with.  It’s literally one’s heart – which, as far as I’m concerned, is an equally excellent cause as RftC was (and still is).  And like last year, I expect this raid will have just as many people who have been affected, directly or indirectly, by the many varying heart conditions out there.  So, I’m also sure it will be a moving event, as well…yes, some of that girly emotional stuff.

The event will be held on the Kael’thas – US server, with hosts on both Horde and Alliance factions.  For more in-depth details, they can be found on BBB’s blog here.  You’ll also find some info on where you can donate or you can even score a pretty sweet t-shirt via the Cafepress store.

My Grandfather (father’s side) died from his second heart attack when I was 10.  My Grandmother (mother’s side) died when I was 16 from her second stroke (which I associate with the heart because of the H&S Foundation.)  Heck, I even had one of my good army buddies have heart surgery before he was 30, and he’s a personal trainer, so you can imagine how the advances in heart research have saved his life.

You can damn well bet I’m going to be there.

So, come on out – support the cause and have some fun!

* Oh yeah – Cataclsym, December 7th.  For reals.

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