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WTF Blizzcon Weekend?

This year is the first year that Chawa and I have purchased the Blizzcon live stream, which airs tomorrow and Saturday.

As such, we’ve made some plans around it:   Take Friday off, do some chores in the morning, watch stream, eat chips, etc.  Saturday, hang out with Vidyala and Vosskah and watch the Con with them.  Some fun coupled with relaxation.  Good times!

Well, because I have plans for the weekend, people suddenly decided they wanted to invite me to things.  I turned down a round of golf for tomorrow because I have plans.  I turned down box seats for a Calgary Flames game on Saturday because I have plans.

I look forward to those plans…but did golf and box seats have to be THIS WEEKEND?!?!  *shakes fist into the air*

I know ultimatums are kind of silly, but Blizz…hear me now…this Blizzcon better be freakin’ amazing.

PS:  You may want to check out the book, “The Patrol“.


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Today, The Wayward Initiative brings you our VERY FIRST GUEST POST!


It is my absolute pleasure to feature this post from Reverend Unk, both friend and guildie.

He offers us a frank reminder of how tough it can be to new to the game and that we should take the time to help out some of our newer friends.

Thanks for the contribution, Fal!

Please keep reading, after the cut:


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F-Bombs Galore

Today is April First, also known to many as April Fool’s Day.

Fret not, this isn’t one of the many pranks being executed.  (Frankly, I’m not clever enough to put one together.)

But this is also an extra special day should you be a member with The Zug Initiative.

Today is the Fourth birthday of the guild!

I won’t go into the story so much because a) Pacheco already has, and b) I did so last year.  Again, Pach beat me to it, but she has a 3 hour head start.

Fortunately, despite guild activity being down a bit since the release of Cataclsym and having a Guild affair with EFF the IneFFable, it’s still a Fun place to be and it’s still home.

So, Happy Birthday, “The Zug Initiative”!  Thanks for being so F‘ing awesome!! 😀

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Well, Chawa and I got a Christmas Winter Veil card from Pacheco & [Enhancement Shaman/Prot Pally].

It contained a lovely, hand-crafted gift.

A gift that had me saying, “OMFG!  We have to take a picture and put up a blog post!!”

Well, Pacheco actually wrote her own blog post on:


Seriously, check it oooout!

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You should have read it –>here<–, instead.  (With a screenshot!)

Quick, go check.

No, really.  DO EEET!

Great!  Thanks for trusting me! 😀

Anyway, as you are now aware, The Zug Initiative has finally beaten the Log-In screen.

That’s right!  Sindragosa is a pile of bones now.

It was a pretty big hurdle for us.  We had issues with it a month or two ago… well, mostly phase 3/final ground phase.  In our defence, we always seemed to have a slightly different lineup for whenever we made our attempts.  And actually, last night was no different.  We had two melee DPS that had never seen the fight and it was the first time I was doing it on my Death Knight (instead of my druid).

So, we did have a few hiccups in the first phases with our melee running away from the Blistering Cold thingy.  I also ended up getting too many frost breath debuffs.  300% reduced movement speed is all sorts of awful.  Fortunately, we ended up switching tanks after each air phase, which helped immensely.

Phase 3 still proved to be problematic.  The group got fairly scattered after each ice tomb, some ice tombs hit too many people, and some were a bit too far away from the group.  But each time we inched a little bit closer to Sindy’s demise.  15%.  13%.  10%.  We said “one more time” about three or four times…it was hard to give up after getting that close.

But something clicked on the successful attempt.  The healers did a phenomenal job of communicating when they needed to switch to tank healing.  The other tank communicated to me that he couldn’t get rid of his stacks so I used my defensive cooldowns as timely as possible.  We communicated to DPS positioning better (ie: not running too far, getting re-grouped up and not so scattered, etc).  It all fell into place and everyone was on top of their situational awareness.  We managed to lose only one DPS.  It was fantastic to finally get that beast down! 

Heck, we were so excited about overcoming this hurdle that we almost left Pacheco in a Frost tomb.  Even she forgot she was still in one. 😛

Anyway, it’s over 12 hours after the fact and I’m still pretty damn stoked about it.  And I’m looking forward to laying the smack down on Arthas!


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Greetings!  Long time no post from me, I know, but I have a fabulous excuse!  One that Regis will no doubt use as well (or would have except he got a post up before me!  doh!).  The two of us have been on vacation an epic adventure and have been AFK for more then 2 weeks!

I admit:  I did consider bringing my authenticator on the trip.  However, I resisted.  Being a desktop user with no laptop, there really wouldn’t be many opportunities to play to make it worth it.

Our vacation adventure was absolutely lovely, filled with time spent with family and friends!  Some of those friends were also guild mates!  Some who I had never had the opportunity to meet group with in “RL” adventure before so it was definitely an exciting time for me!

Pacheco & her shaman made us feel very welcome, as you can see!  I’m quite pleased that this welcome sign survived the flight back.  It’s now hanging up in our games rooms, along with the Horde Christmas Ornament that she gave us last Christmas!  Truly, she is a most fabulous Tauren!  She even showed us her Tauren dance!

Crafty Pacheco Welcomes Us in Style!

Every travel/adventure zone has creatures that you should be wary of!  This fearsome beast was most likely the reason we only saw one solitary whale on a four hour long whale-watching trip.  Curse that cranky looking beastie!


Shockingly, this evil green creature had the ability to cast polymorph and sheeped me when I got too close.

BAA! I've been sheeped!

This left Regis alone to face the dreadful monster.  He promptly feigned death.  At least, I think he feigned death because of the monster.  Maybe it was the lighthouse that scared him more.

Yes, Mages can cast Feign Death but only at scenic viewpoints.

Thankfully, the treacherous sea-monster didn’t continue his attack.  He disappeared into the Bay of Fundy, probably to eat that one whale we saw!

As you can see if was a lovely, lovely vacation adventure and we would love to be there again.  It’s a sure thing that we’ll be back again on another trip some time in the future.

You're supposed to stay off the black rocks at Peggy's Cove

Back again, if only to cuddle with Hello Kitty again! 😉

A true Hello Kitty fan-troll!

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Good afternoon, all.

I’m going to redirect you to the first installment of Ask a Tauren, as provided by the lovely Pacheco over at Hello Tauren!

The post is both a brief and brilliant discussion as to how to raid casually, how to keep it casual, and how to keep loot drama to a minimum.  It was posted a little while ago and I’m sorry for taking so long to link it.

Enjoy the read!

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