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I can't remember why we were in Upper Blackrock Spire

I scoured my accumulated screenshots for a picture of one of my tanks with a nice pile of corpses and sadly that’s the best I found. I think it must have been a Jenkins run shortly after patch 3.0 hit.

I started off covering boss tanking partially because it was kindest to my beloved warrior, but after another stress-filled trip through heroic Halls of Reflection I thought it was time to dig into how most tanks actually spend their time.

My general feeling going into this was that warriors have less reliable group threat tools with paladins and death knights in particular able to put out a lot more area threat with less work.

Today I’m going to go over the tools the different tanks have for group threat and how well these actually work.


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I currently have four level 80 toons with tanking specs and the gear to tank heroics or better. Consequently I’ve been thinking about the differences between the four tanking classes, and partially inspired by a BBB post thought I’d give my take on how they compare.

At first I thought I’d go into too much detail about the strengths and weaknesses of each one but I found it too easy to get into a rant about why warriors are hard to play and the other tanking classes are easy.

But really, I like all my tanks. Even the two who are poorly-disguised healers.

So instead, I looked at what they have to do while tanking a boss and see how they differ, both in terms of what they have to do and what they can do.


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