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So, patch 4.0.1 has been with us a few weeks and I’m ┬ástarting to get used to the changes.

One thing is very clear at this point — I was not prepared.

I thought I was in good shape. I had looked at the new talent trees, read about some of the class changes and my inscriptionist knows every glyph. I figured it would be about on par with 3.0.

Now I realize exactly what needs to be done for each character spec before they are really ready for Cataclysm.


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After a Chawakanda comment on a recent Regis post I thought it might be useful to put out a brief guide for DPS on how to know when it’s okay to start attacking in earnest.

Each tank has a signature AOE ability. Waiting for this ability before doing AOE damage is not a guarantee that you won’t pull aggro but not waiting for it is generally a guarantee that you will.


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I have noticed that a lot of people seem increasingly disinclined to tank in a PuG.

I think our guild currently has two people willing to tank if the group doesn’t have at least three guildies in it. Even then, there is a strong preference for an all-guild run.

While I certainly understand the sentiment I no longer feel this way myself.

I am now perfectly happy to tank in a PuG even if no guild members are present.

Unless I am on my warrior.

I have been trying to pin down why I have this exception and I think that I have worked it out:

When you don’t have aggro you are basically an off-tank.


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I can't remember why we were in Upper Blackrock Spire

I scoured my accumulated screenshots for a picture of one of my tanks with a nice pile of corpses and sadly that’s the best I found. I think it must have been a Jenkins run shortly after patch 3.0 hit.

I started off covering boss tanking partially because it was kindest to my beloved warrior, but after another stress-filled trip through heroic Halls of Reflection I thought it was time to dig into how most tanks actually spend their time.

My general feeling going into this was that warriors have less reliable group threat tools with paladins and death knights in particular able to put out a lot more area threat with less work.

Today I’m going to go over the tools the different tanks have for group threat and how well these actually work.


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I’m sure this will get less funny after a couple more instance runs but it hasn’t happened yet.

I’ve discovered a great macro for Tauren death knights:

/cast Horn of Winter

Refreshing this buff every three minutes has become less tedious.

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