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As you may or may not be aware, one of the things coming with Cataclysm is guild ranking. 

With that, there are guild achievements and guild experience to be earned.  And as your guild levels, there are various perks available to guild member.  There is also guild reputation, which is probably to discourage guild-hopping.

Anyway, if you don’t read World of Matticus, he has put up an excellent introduction to guild advancement HERE.

Overall, it sounds pretty neat, although I hope it isn’t overly difficult for smaller guilds like ours to advance.  But I’ll guess we’ll see.

What are your thoughts on the guild advancement/achievement system?

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Cata Chatter Disclaimer: This post was written prior to Patch 4.0.1 and Cataclysm when things were changing weekly, if not day by day! So there is no guarantee that the information below won’t change. Let us not forget that The Ice Stone has melted.  Thank you!

Ever since I first heard that our unused emblems will be converted into a new system of “justice points“, I’ve wondered what my best move would be concerning heirloom items.  Should I buy them now before things change or wait until the new system is put into place?  Would there be an advantage or disadvantage either way?

Thankfully, a friendly commentator on WoWinsider.com has found the answer for me!   And I wanted to pass it along to all of my fellow indecisive friends who haven’t yet committed to a plan of action for a new toon!

Ben F writes:

Assuming the prices for heirlooms on wowwiki are correct and do not change, there is a slight advantage to keeping your emblems and buying heirlooms after the patch hits.

40 emblem gear becomes 435 JP (up by a factor of 10.875 )
50 emblem gear becomes 543 JP (up by a factor of 10.86 )
65 emblem gear becomes 706 JP (up by a factor of 10.86)

The emblems themselves go up by 11.58. 

(For example:  40 emblems will equal 463 JPs after the conversion!) 

So the emblem value goes up slightly more than the cost of the gear (about 6%).

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