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I’m dappling with the Loremaster Achievement.

With wowhead’s completion tracker, I can find which zone had the most incomplete quests for Chawa.  If I was in a rush for the achievement, I would have headed straight to Silithus, a zone that I had completely skipped, which has over 100 incomplete quests for me.  That would have been too easy and I’m in no rush.  Besides, I’m sure I’ll end up there at some point…   /sigh of resignation.

I decided to do the incomplete quests that I had left in the zones that will change the most when Cataclysm hits.  This is really the last opportunity to experience these zones in their current state so I might as well take advantage.

For those curious:  Here’s the list of zones that will be forever changed by Cataclysm:

My first stop:  Azshara.  With Wowhead’s list, I randomly picked 3 quests and identified the 3 different quest givers.

The first one bugged out on me.  Reading the comments of the quest to see if I had done something wrong lead me to discover that this particular quest doesn’t even count towards Loremaster.

The second one wanted to send me to the exact place I was trying to avoid, Silithus.

And the third one didn’t give me a quest.  Turns out he’s part of a long quest chain that starts in the Swamp of Sorrows, on the other side of the world.


Well, at least I have a definite starting point.

So long for now Azshara – the most difficult zone to travel through in all of Azeroth!

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