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When I first stepped foot into a Cata heroic dungeon, I did so with my loyal and patience guildmates.  In our merry band of 5, we had a DK Tank, a Druid Healer and 3 Agile DPSers, comprising of one rogue and 2 hunters. 

After a few runs with this group composition, I got tired of seeing all the cloth & caster loot go to waste.  I figured I would switch out my hunter in favour of my shadow priest.  This way, the hunters won’t be in direct competition for loot.  This way, the cloth & caster drops would actually get used.  This way, my poor little priest might get overgeared enough to feel comfortable healing normal pug runs again.

After running a few more heroics, I have now learned that this new group composition has not improved the drop chance of hunter loot at all.  In fact, I’m almost sure that I’ve now guaranteed hunter loot with never drop.

Sorry about that …

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Sorry there haven’t been more posts from us here, but things have been pretty quiet in our corner of the World (of Warcraft).

We’ve still been playing regularly (aside from a few Civilization V breaks), but we just haven’t been doing all that much in-game.  Grinding reps, doing dailies, working on professions, playing alts, etc.  And there’s not much news there, other than it’s hell to get enchanting and tailoring to 525. 

And that playing a hunter is basically cheating – at least when questing. 

And that all druids should probably have only gathering professions because of flight form.

Anyway…last night, we managed to have enough people to run a heroic last night with my DK as the tank.  Chawa took her priest (as shadow), Pacheco was huntering, and [Enhancement Shaman] was actually [Assassination Rogue]’ing.  Brokentree was healing, like a boss.  We randomized things and ended up with Heroic Deadmines.  Other than myself seeing the latter half once, none of us had really been there.  Hooray for learning as a guild.

And dying as a guild.

Yeah, some of those trash packs can be a bit of a doozy.  But we stuck it out and managed to get our achieves.

I also scored some offset loot:  Cookie’s Tenderizer.  And man, it makes me glad that I switched my offspec to Frost DK’ing.  Because man, he looks like a BAMF now.  Just look!

Someone needs a hug.


That’s it for now!  Sorry there hasn’t been more exciting news to report, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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I’ve noticed that my old “Mana-efficient healing” post still gets looked at every once in a while, so I thought I should probably do an update that isn’t based around Icecrown Citadel and WoW 3.5.

In the Cataclysm world, mana efficiency has become something that I need to think about all the time as opposed to just on select fights.

My druid has now done a bit of heroic healing and I think I’ve got a good sense of what spells to use when but wanted to look at some numbers again and see if my feelings on the matter hold up.

Warning: some theorycrafting and hand-waving to follow


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“Good day, doctor. You will be tested on your ability to triage patients accordingly this afternoon. Should you pass your examination, you will join the prestigious ranks of Horde Trauma.”

Doctor Gregory Victor

Towards the end of Wrath of the Lich King, if I was healing heroic PUGs I would often wish for a group that was at least kind of bad.

Tank being crit? Score.

DPS pulling aggro? Right-on.

Un-tanked caster mobs pelting me with Shadow Bolts? Win.

While this made healing heroics more fun, the main reason why I liked runs like this was because it was better practice for raid healing.

With a solid tank it was possible to heal most heroics without targeting anyone other than the tank. Actually, with the macros I use I didn’t even have to target them.

It was not ideal practice for raid encounters where every GCD can be important.

Cataclysm has succeeded in bringing the two healing experiences closer together.


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Patch 4.0.1 was out for a good while before I had a chance to do much tanking. Now I’ve done enough to conclude that warrior tanks are still pretty great.

However, I did need to play around with my warrior a bit and make some adjustments to my toolbars. Here are some of the things I’ve learned about warrior tanking in 4.0.1:


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