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As you may or may have not noticed, things are hella quiet here.

A lot of that has to do with not accomplishing much in-game.  I actually had started working on a post about how the changes to raiding affected guilds like mine and people like me.  Things became a little stagnant.

Then LFR came out and that changed everything for guilds like mine and people like me (if they wanted it to, of course).  Epic post abandoned.  Things became fun…and then quickly went back to stagnant.  Dechion actually captured a bit of the LFR feeling here.

But we’re also playing less WoW.  No, we didn’t switch to SW:TOR (well, sort of…I did, but I play very infrequently.)  We’re playing less games in general. 

I went to Texas for two weeks before Christmas.  I came home to a massive wake up call; I had to sort out my priorities and I had to make some lifestyle changes.  The priorities were fairly easy.  Lifestyle changes are a work in progress, but things are going in the right direction. 

So, we’ve gone from playing lots of WoW and talking about it lots.  Cata meant playing lots, but we didn’t have nearly as much to talk about.  And now that we rarely play, you can surely imagine how little there is to talk about the game now.

No, we haven’t quit.  And there’s always the chance we’ll play more when MOP comes out.

We had a good run over two years and even managed to get linked by WoW Insider once.  So no complaints.  But as it stands, I wouldn’t expect too many more posts from The Wayward Initiative.  They may happen, but likely few and far between

For those stalker-licious people, you can still find me (@darthregis) on Twitter.  And for those that care enough to have hung out over the years, I sincerely thank you. 🙂

Until then,


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