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Dear Gov,
I haven’t seen you online in forever! I sure hope you still exist!  And I’m sure you’re as handsome as ever, you big frosty bearded lug you!
I’m having a DK Critter Party on Saturday night which I think you will LOVE!  Okay, okay – I had to take the “DK” out of the event name for class balance purposes but we all know that DKs are the top Critter Killers around – with our Blood Boil and sweet Death and Decay! Not to mention Howling Frost if you decide to spec Frost for the event!  Those penguins won’t know what hit them! Bwahahaha!
Anyway, hope to see you!
XO ~Muah!
PS.  Be sure to bring a flask of Dalaran Red.  It will go well with tiny skull bashings! 

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