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Not only am I kinda late at giving Patch 4.2 tips, I’m late to other things.

Like twitter.


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Hit Patch 4.2 in the Face!

As a casual player of WoW, getting my grubby hands on Valour Points can be a little tough.  With work and the general facade that I’m an adult, I just don’t have the time to deal with jackassery.  As a result, my lack of tolerance for PuGs certainly means few random heroics ever get run.

Fortunately, as patches get released and raid content progresses, Valour Point (and some Tier 11) gear can eventually be purchased using Justice Points.  The “downside” to this is that any existing Valour Points you have will be converted into Justice Points AND anything over the 4000 point maximum will be converted into gold.  As unfortunate as that may be, it’s fair.

Anyway…one of my plans is to maximize my T11 purchasing power after Patch 4.2 and minimize the amount of JP’s/VP’s turned to gold.  And how am I going to do that?



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Healing Consequences

I went to bed right after a well attempted, yet unsuccessful, Heroic Grim Batol last night, where I was healing.

Not too long after that, I got up.  Half asleep I muttered something to Regis about “noises” keeping me awake. I wandered back to bed shortly after that.

Today, Regis reports “You said something about spell noises, although I don’t totally remember myself.  I just recall NOT hearing anything unusual.”

“Maybe it wasn’t “spell” noises…” he added. “You may have said “chakra”. 😛

It’s all coming back to me now.  

The distinct sounds of a prayer of mending bouncing around… inside my mind.

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Dear Gov,
I haven’t seen you online in forever! I sure hope you still exist!  And I’m sure you’re as handsome as ever, you big frosty bearded lug you!
I’m having a DK Critter Party on Saturday night which I think you will LOVE!  Okay, okay – I had to take the “DK” out of the event name for class balance purposes but we all know that DKs are the top Critter Killers around – with our Blood Boil and sweet Death and Decay! Not to mention Howling Frost if you decide to spec Frost for the event!  Those penguins won’t know what hit them! Bwahahaha!
Anyway, hope to see you!
XO ~Muah!
PS.  Be sure to bring a flask of Dalaran Red.  It will go well with tiny skull bashings! 

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I’m a V.I.P.

You know how I know?!


(Sorry, this is totally unrelated to WoW and I haven’t even finished the 20 Days of Blogging…)


They’ve been my favourite band since, ooh, about 1991 when my sister introduced me to them while we lived in Germany.  She saw them play in Frankfurt, the lucky monkey!

(I realize that I”m showing my age…there may be a reader or two out there that didn’t exist in 1991.)

They broke up in 1997.  That made me a sad panda.  They got back together in 2010 and now they’re touring again.  And I get to be a part of that!  BwAhahahahahahahahahahah!!!

Anyway, just had to share that before I spontaneously combusted.

Carry on.

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