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Day 13:  People (Players/bloggers) I Admire

Firstly, pretty much every blogger I read, I admire to some degree.  Some for their writing; some for their knowledge of the game; some for their skill with the game.

But as far as players go, I would say it is the people that still think of WoW as a game.  Those folk seem to have the most fun with it.

Unlike a lot of games, WoW has many facets and is quite in depth, even if you disregard that it’s an MMO.  Many [or most?] of us tend to put a lot more time and devotion into WoW than we would other games.  (Other than RISK of course.)  Also, as per design, more time and effort is required should you wish to experience WoW to its fullest extent.  As such, we can often find ourselves making a game feel like work.  While I can appreciate why people do it, I don’t necessarily agree with games getting to that point.  I know I have to take a step back or changes things up if it gets to that point for me.  But it doesn’t get that way for everyone.  Plenty of people still play the game because it’s simply fun for them.

So, yeah, if you still have fun with the game, then *I* admire *YOU*.  Trufax.

Buddy of mine is in this band, so I’m showing some support*:

* – I hope the link works.  Apparently it didn’t save properly the first time around.  Please let me know if you can actually see the video “Awake” by The Autumn Portrait.

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