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Day 11:  Bad Habits and Flaws

The list is far too long.  But I’ll try to keep it short.

  • I commit the ultimate evil – I keyboard turn most of the time.  Now and again I try to mouse turn while PvP’ing on the DK… but it’s usually the mouse.  Too much FPS’, I suppose.
  • I mix up clicking some abilities with my mouse.  Very inefficient.  Especially in PvP.
  • I rarely use macros, which could help with CC and PvP… but nope.  Too much work!
  • I often “feed the trolls” when folk are nerd raging.  Sometimes it’s fun.  Sometimes I wish they’d just shut up.  Eventually I’ll get to the /ignore stage. 😛
Eeeeh, those are the worst.  Outside of that, it’s mostly picking my nose, chewing with my mouth open, and calling cats nasty names.  Stupid cats.
Some tunes, yet again:

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