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Day 8:  10 Things You Don’t Know About Me (Darthregis)

As you’re probably all well aware, I have a pretty crappy memory for most things (yet some things I remember vividly).  Anyway, I may put something up here that you may already know or that I’ve mentioned before.

1)  Alright, I already made mention of this in my previous post.  In particular, the Wintersleep video.  They’re from my hometown, which is Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  I don’t live there any more and haven’t for about 10 years.  They say, “Home is where the heart is,” and Halifax is definitely home.

2)  I was in the Canadian military for four years.  I left in March, 2001 to prepare for moving to Western Canada.  No, I didn’t get called back after the 9/11 attacks and no, I didn’t go over to Afghanistan.  I’ve had a few of my old cronies and friends go, and I’ve had at least one that didn’t make it back.  Oddly enough, during Basic Training (aka: Boot Camp), Bryce and I often got mistaken for one another by our instructors – even if we don’t really look alike, at all.  He was also an engineering student as I was at the time, so I couldn’t help but think that some change in my circumstances could have put me in a similar situation.

3)  As stated above, I’m an engineer.  And not a very good one.  I’ve forgotten mostly everything I learned at school as I found myself in a job that didn’t really require those skills.  With that said, I think the engineering background has made me good at my job.

4)  I lived in Germany for 3 years.  My father was in the military as well and got posted there.  They had facilities for families and civilian contractors as well, so I went to an English school, shopped mostly at Canadian stores, etc.  We, of course, had access to German facilities as well.  We also traveled throughout a good portion of Europe, with France a mere 30 minutes away and Switzerland two hours away.  Notable places I visited:  Berlin, Munich, Paris, D-Day beaches, Zurich, Venice, Florence, Barcelona, Vienna, London, Edinburgh.  I only wish I was older when I lived there, so I could a) appreciate the history and culture more, b) appreciate the beer more.

5)  While living in Germany, I was on a swim team.  And I managed to make it to the yearly European Forces Swim League championship, which was held at the Olympic pool in Munich.  I was back-up for the medley relay team and sadly, I never got to swim.  I regret that.

6)  Another Germany story!  About a month or so after moving there, while horsing around, I managed to break my left arm.  It looked something like this:

I was supposed to be in a full-arm cast for four weeks and then a forearm cast for two weeks.  The bone didn’t set properly in the first four weeks, so they re-broke my arm and I had to do the whole thing over.  Ten weeks in a cast, baby!

7)  I made a feeble attempt to be a DJ at my University radio station.  You had to put in a bit of volunteer time while learning the equipment and such.  That fizzled out and turned into a couple of 2am – 8am shows with friends (Brokentree and Pach’s husband partook in that as well).  I was also a guest on a couple of afternoon shows with some other friends from my old high school and was also supposed to be part of a pre-recorded sketch series.  That also fell apart.

8)  I love golf.  And playing golf.  I need new clubs.  I also need to play more often to get better.  I just don’t make the time, nor do I find that many people wanting or willing to golf with me.  Maybe I’m just not asking the right people.  I don’t know.  But  it’s fun to get out and ruin a nice walk every now and then.

9)  A few years back I was friends with the developers of The Silver Lining, a Kings Quest based independent game.  I spent a lot of time on their forums, etc.  But the game took forever to get released.  I didn’t really get fed up waiting, I just stopped using forums a lot less.  If you ever liked the [Whatever] Quest adventure games, I recommend you download this one.  There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in this one.  And lots of heart, too.

10)  I was Best Man at Pacheco‘s and [Enhancement Shaman]’s wedding.  [ES] and I have been good friends for awhile and I must say that it’s been one of the greatest honours of my life to be a part of it.

Also, Best Man Pro-Tip:  Don’t write your speech at 4am the day of the wedding while completely drunk out of your mind.

For Pach and her hubby!

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