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Day 7:  The Reason Behind Your Blog’s Name

It’s a bit of a mix.  Given that we have more than one author, we knew we weren’t going to have a very specific “theme”.  Mage/Druid/DK + Hunter/Priest/Professionist tends to make for some pretty scattered thoughts, opinions, and topics.  Hence the “Wayward”.

We also left the blog open for guest-posts from fellow guildies.  (Brokentree is the only one who took us up on that, and lucky for us, his posts are great.)  Anyway, our guild name is The Zug Initiative, we took something from that.

Chawa coined “The Wayward Initiative”, and while she was worried that it may sound too close to the guild name, I evidently talked her into keeping it.

A video from the first band Chawa and I saw live together.  They’re also from my hometown!

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