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Day 6:  Your Workplace/Desk

This is my office at work.  Sorry, not getting a picture of my home. 😛

Something need doing?

Mind you, my office is moving within the month, so this won’t be relevant soon!

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Day 5:  Your Favourite In-Game Item

Hands down, it’s The Stoppable Force.

Because it’s funny and I still grin when I pick it up while questing in Outland.

An oldie, but a goodie!  (Language warning – some swearing.)

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Day 4:  Your Best WoW Memory

I have to be honest, there are quite a few.  Pretty much all the raiding success in Wrath have been great because it was awesome times with good friends.

But really, the one that makes me chuckle the most would be my first raid ever.  Classic Zul’Gurub in Vanilla WoW.  My pre-The Zug Initiative guild, Zug Zug Auxiliary, had teamed up with another smaller guild at the time to take the place down.  They were short some DPS so they invited my fire mage along for the fun.

We were on the snake boss (forget the name), and after much yammering on Vent, we finally went to it.  I didn’t really know the fight and didn’t really know any tactics.  Just keep casting fireball at the boss.  Everything seemed to be going fine until, well, it wasn’t.  After a tank went down, the boss starting smiting everyone there, leaving little ol’ Darthregis for last.  (I must have been doing crap DPS for being so low on the threat meter – didn’t have Recount back in the day).

The boss had a smidgen of health left and I was throwing everything I had at him.  Trying to cast, run away, then cast some more.  Everyone on vent was cheering me on, “Go Regis!”, “Get him, he’s almost dead!”, “Go! Go! Go!”  I was doing as best I could and trying to make that little sliver of green on his health bar disappear.

But I died. 😛

We went back in and finished the boss off the second time and moved on from there.  But it was really my first, “Oh crap!  YOU are our last chance of beating this!” situation.  It was totally unexpected and while I failed, I still find it funny that I was thrown into that for my first raid.

More music!  From my favourite band!  (Not my favourite song by them, though):

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Day 3:  Your First Day of WoW

Honestly, I don’t remember much.  I would have been living in my  1 bedroom apartment in Downtown Calgary, finally giving into the peer pressure from my CounterStrike friends.

What I do remember is why I picked a Night Elf Priest.

I used to play DnD a bit when I was younger and I always liked the Drow Elves.  The Night Elves reminded me of them.  I also played a cleric quite a bit when I played and priests seemed to be the closest match.

Outside of that…yeah, I don’t recall much.  I’m not sure if it was my first day or not, but I do remember being annoyed with Darnassus and how huge and confusing it was for a simpleton like me.

Here, another video, but it’s not a music video:

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Day 2: Why You Decided to Start a Blog

While this is a blog hosted by multiple people, I can only really speak for myself here.

In about 1997 or 1998, I started writing for a friend’s website.  Usually rants and all sorts of venting that some people seemed to find comical.  It was usually about simple things, like how stupid it is trying to enter an elevator before letting people exit.  Honestly, it’s dumb.  Or if I can smell your perfume in the back of the bus while you’re at the front – it’s definitely too much.  Anyway, my “urge” to ramble has continued since then.

I rambled lots about life in general, stilly things, broken relationships, etc. on my personal MySpace page a few years back.  But as everyone migrated over to facebook, my personal blogging faded.  No particular reason that I can think of, other than maybe facebook didn’t quite make it as “accessible” as it was on MySpace.

Then, throughout Wrath, our little guild managed to actually partake in relevant content.  Bosses down, progress made, fun was had.  And I watched on the sidelines as Pacheco shared our guilded joys.  I wanted to be a part of sharing our fun as well and when I mentioned it to Chawa, it turns out that she did to.

So we started this blog.

Here, more music:

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