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 ^yeah right…

When I first stepped foot into a Cata heroic dungeon, I did so with my loyal and patience guildmates.  In our merry band of 5, we had a DK Tank, a Druid Healer and 3 Agile DPSers, comprising of one rogue and 2 hunters. 

After a few runs with this group composition, I got tired of seeing all the cloth & caster loot go to waste.  I figured I would switch out my hunter in favour of my shadow priest.  This way, the hunters won’t be in direct competition for loot.  This way, the cloth & caster drops would actually get used.  This way, my poor little priest might get overgeared enough to feel comfortable healing normal pug runs again.

After running a few more heroics, I have now learned that this new group composition has not improved the drop chance of hunter loot at all.  In fact, I’m almost sure that I’ve now guaranteed hunter loot with never drop.

Sorry about that …

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