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In-game Vacation

The last time I ran a few dungeons, it stressed me out big time and left me feeling rather soured about the game in general.  More specifically, my performance in the game in general.

So I took a break from the daily reputation grind and I put away my goals of self-improvement in dungeon environment.   I pushed away the negativity that I feeling and decided to get back to the simple things that I enjoy in WoW ~ achievements.

After taking a look at what I was missing for achievements, archaeology looked to be the one category that I could do on my own, without the grief of dying.  So I minimized my WoW window and opened up a video launcher, popped in a movie and flew around doing archaeology.   I did this for 1 whole evening and it was really great.  It was all the effort and attention I was willing to give to the game…

I’ve been doing this for a few days now and it’s still great.  It has really felt like an in-game vacation away from the self-imposed pressures of the game to do the dailies for rep, for tokens, to farm for mats to level a profession, etc.

It has also reminded me of something that I had misplaced – knowing that it’s okay to take a break.


I’ll talk about the side-effects of addiction in another post, on another day! 😉

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