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Fear of Talent Points

Last night, my troll shaman hit level 10 and with great interest, I read all the shiny new in-game announcements of what spells I could learn and what had unlocked.

“Oooh – talents are unlocked.”

I looked at the talent summaries and they all sounded great.  I looked at the first tier of talents that I could choose from and they all looked good.  It was at that point, indecision struck.


What?” said Regis.

“I have pick a talent spec.”

I think you should go Elemental.” he said.

“I think I should re-roll.”

Instead of making a decision, I logged on to my level 15 Tauren druid.  I withdrew everything she had in the bank, emptied her bags and forwarded it all to another toon.  I sold off all of her soul-bound items, clothes and bags.  I deleted her and then immediately re-rolled her into a fresh level 1 Tauren druid!  Woo-hoo!

And behind my druid, I’ve got plans for 3 other security blankets  fresh toons to roll. 

In all seriousness, it is quite silly to have this ‘fear’ of talents and it’s something that I must get over.  With the changes Blizz has made to the leveling process and to the talent trees, there is no better time to get over this insecurity.  Leveling specs are mostly a thing of the past.  There is no right or wrong spec for leveling anymore.  It’s more widely accepted to level which ever way you’d like to play (at least I think so).  Sure, there are advantages and disadvantages to each spec in terms of leveling but if you aren’t in any rush, who cares.

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