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Well, Chawa and I got a Christmas Winter Veil card from Pacheco & [Enhancement Shaman/Prot Pally].

It contained a lovely, hand-crafted gift.

A gift that had me saying, “OMFG!  We have to take a picture and put up a blog post!!”

Well, Pacheco actually wrote her own blog post on:


Seriously, check it oooout!

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So, I have to recant pretty much all of my last post.  It was hastily made conclusion based upon a bug, which has since been fixed.  

Also when I made it home that day, I managed to find that our Guild XP was back on track.  Hooray!

But over the weekend, it seems things got slowed down again.  As noted by the Wowhead blog, Guild XP seemed to get stealth nerfed.  No longer was the guild getting a 1:1 ratio of experiece as we levelled through our respective zones.  Was this an intentional tweak?  Is it another bug? 

If intended, well, it shafts small guilds.  My guild, for example, was unable to reach the daily cap yesterday (even though we did make it to Level 3.  Hooray!)  While my opinion is rather biased on the matter, I don’t think it’s entirely fair. 

Then again, where does one try to make balance?  10-person guilds?  5-person guilds?  2-person guilds?  At the end of the day, some smaller guilds just aren’t going to level up as fast as bigger guilds.

With that said, there is the chance that it is a bug.  Or that the XP gains will be tweaked again.

At least I hope it’s another bug.  I don’t need to make an ass of myself (again)… 😉

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Edit:  Fortunately, Psynister is willing to do some research for me (I’m scared of the forums, and even so, I can’t check them from work).  Turns out the following rant is based on a bug, and it has subsequently been fixed.  Bliz isn’t trying to keep the Small Guilds down, after all.

Now I need to find something else to make me angry…

*waits for phone to ring as I’m about to leave work*


Guild Leveling!  One of the latest and greatest features released with WoW: Cataclysm! 

And I’m pretty sure that it’s seen as a positive change, all around.  I know I like it – mostly.

For a pretty good summary and some numbers, check out Psynister’s Notebook.

As you can see, there are a lot of worthwhile perks for being in a “max level” guild.  But as a means of reducing “guild-hopping”, Guild Reputation was another feature added.  As yet another means of reducing “guild-hopping”, Blizzard implemented a cap on the amount of guild reputation you can earn in a week.  It makes sense to me, and it should make both players and guilds more particular with their rosters. 

In an effort to further keep balance, a daily cap on Guild Experience was set at 6.246 million XP.  This is to prevent large guilds from leveling up too easily and to prevent small guilds from being left behind in the dust.  Everything seems fair… until you dig a little deeper.

How they made the reputation cap function has totally shafted smaller guilds.

Here, lemme ‘splain…


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Azeroth, A.E.3.

A.E.3 being “After Expansion Three”, of course!

I really had planned to write a big ol’ epic story about getting Cataclysm.  But really, it just involved me standing in line, listening to other late-night-shopper’s WoW stories.  As I was flying solo (Chawa was smart and went to bed), I managed to entertain myself by playing a game in my head while listening to the aforementioned stories.  I named the game, “Who’s Lie is it, Anyway?”


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The Lich King cast Defile on the same character that was getting carried by a Valkyr.


Honestly, is that some sort of sick joke?!

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