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Like many resto druids, I’ve had my share of thoughts on the changes to Tree of Life that came with patch 4.0.

I still stand by my initial view that if Blizzard insisted on giving us an arboreal cooldown I’d like to have kept the existing Tree of Life form and be able to press a button to turn into a bigger tree — a resto druid equivalent to putting it up to eleven.

Additionally, I really wish the new tree form could dance, though at least it can cry about not being able to dance.

But while I was initially sceptical that a healing cooldown would be useful for druids, I’m now starting to find opportunities to use it and I’m finding it really useful.


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So, I mentioned Christie Golden‘s book “The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm” a bit in a previous post.

In general, I liked it.  In fact, I liked it quite a lot.  Except for one thing…


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Diamond Eyes

Okay, I stole the title from the latest Deftones album.  But it fits.  A little.  You’ll see.

I, of course, read Chawa’s post “Shattering Cairne“.  And I know how Pacheco feels about Cairne Bloodhoof‘s departure from the game.  And I also stumbled this post from Tam at Righteous Orbs.  (It’s a gooder!)

Essentially, most people seem kind of sad to see Cairne gone.  Or at least respected the character that Cairne was.

Now, if you read Christie Golden‘s book, “The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm“, you’d know exactly what happened to Cairne.  You may have even been like me, where you ended up liking Cairne even more after reading the book.  Also from the book, you would know the fate of Magni Bronzebeard – hence the title.  That said, similar to Cairne’s fate, the info could probably have been found elsewhere before the 4.0.3a patch.  Anyway, I even grew to like Magni a little bit after reading The Shattering.

But, I haven’t quite seen the same reaction to his fate that I’ve seen towards Cairne.  Admittedly, I haven’t looked that hard…but it has made me wonder: 

Has there been as much sorrow on the Alliance side? 

Are they as sad to see Magni go as much as we Horde were to see Cairne go?

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Shattering Cairne

The Shattering is here.  (Patch 4.03a)

And I must share Jasra’s note ‘On Leavetaking’  because it’s captured what I’ve been thinking these last few days in Dalaran. I hope you have all said your own goodbyes there.

Sadly, there is one goodbye that I feel that I missed.

The Shattering is here.  And while I’m trapped at the office, I can’t help but wonder if Cairne will still be there….

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Thor, God of Thunder?

Thorn of blunder?

Torn us under?

No, no, no…

Torn asunder.


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