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Myself? Just enjoyed it!

Number 1 ~ Looked at the Log-in Screen for each of my characters for a good 15 seconds until they jumped into action with either spell casts or attacks.  Nice touch that is.

2 ~ Took a look at my Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina that was in the bank and saw that it’s turned into a 24 slot bag! Sweet! Equipped!  *Even better ~ after I logged out, the “quiver of arrows” is visible on my character!  I’ve still got ammo!


Hunters still have Ammo!


3 ~ Took off to Thunder Bluff to train… but decided to stop in and check on Cairne.  Check out the new gear he’s got.  Grats Cairne! Not sure what they are but I’m sure you rock with them!


Battering Ram Skill Maxed Out


4 ~ This inspired me to go visit Thrall and see if he got any gear upgrades.  Sadly, he didn’t.  However, I was invited to stay while the leaders of the Horde discussed the current states of affairs.


Horde Conference ~ Not sure why Cairne wasn't included... :S



I predict that Garrosh will always look like he's yelling, even when he's not. /sigh


5 ~ I then took a ride down to Troll Country.  Found a troll dance party on ‘da islands’.  They are in full celebration due to the recovery of the Echo Isles and I expect they will be until December 7th.  Now, you can blame whatever the Trolls were smoking if you want but I swear the water looks different.  I couldn’t help but go for a swim.


Skinnydipping on Patch 4.0.1 ~ GS this baby!


And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my first night spent after Patch 4.0.1.

I’ll train and retalent tomorrow. Azeroth isn’t going anywhere just yet…

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