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Hullo ~ I am back. 

On a sunny day in Dalaran,while fishing in front of Violet Hold, I managed to catch a half empty bottle of moonshine.

Half Empty!

Being an experienced fisherlady, I have had the unfortunate luck of catching this before.  Not to mention the unfortunate idea of drinking it’s contents. 

On this unlucky fishing day, I also managed to catch the bottle’s twin.  A twin that I had blindly vendored away in the past, without realizing it’s true nature. 

Half Full!

At the time, I had thought to myself that the Blizz Gods had missed a chance to send us a message. You know, to go with that lovely question “How do you see the glass?”

It would have been fun had the sell price been more for a half full bottle vs a half empty bottle.  Or vice versa, for that matter.

Of course, I was wrong.  The Blizz Gods did have  a mesage for me.  

Prison Moonshine is so bad, it actually decreases the value of the bottle that contains it!    

Completely Empty but with Extra Value!

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