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My poor priest Alt with her dual discipline and shadow specs, has stressed and fretted over how to spend the few emblems of frost she has earned from Alt raid-runs and Pugs of various success.  I enjoy playing both specs and daydream of owning both the tier 10 sets for healing AND for shadow.  Seriously, that shadow 2 piece bonus sounds delicious!   However, as an Alt, who doesn’t pug herself out in trade chat all too often, this dream isn’t possible.  So this means I would have to choose between the two.

As a result, I had decided that I’ll run VoAs every week with hope that some priest tier gear will drop and whatever spec it is for, that will determine which spec I’ll gear myself for.  We will let fate guide me!  And avoid all responsibility of choice!

Of course, this meant priest tier gear would never drop.

It’s finally hit me that Cataclysm is coming.*cough* With around 200 EoFs, it’s high time that I spend them!  I finally decided to gear for healing with the idea that it will be more useful to my guild and those instances I dare step in to with a Pug.  I had read that the some pieces of the shadow set are actually better optimized for discipline then the healing set but I haven’t been able to find an armory of any disc player actually wearing shadow gear.  Plus, being an unexperienced healer, any bonus from the tier set to my healing is an added benefit that I shouldn’t ignore.   So I purchased the healing helm and shoulders (still hoping for a free drop of gloves or pants in VoA).

And then I saw myself for the first time in my new gear.

Headless Much?

Where is hell is my head??

This might take some time to get used to…

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