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Greetings!  Long time no post from me, I know, but I have a fabulous excuse!  One that Regis will no doubt use as well (or would have except he got a post up before me!  doh!).  The two of us have been on vacation an epic adventure and have been AFK for more then 2 weeks!

I admit:  I did consider bringing my authenticator on the trip.  However, I resisted.  Being a desktop user with no laptop, there really wouldn’t be many opportunities to play to make it worth it.

Our vacation adventure was absolutely lovely, filled with time spent with family and friends!  Some of those friends were also guild mates!  Some who I had never had the opportunity to meet group with in “RL” adventure before so it was definitely an exciting time for me!

Pacheco & her shaman made us feel very welcome, as you can see!  I’m quite pleased that this welcome sign survived the flight back.  It’s now hanging up in our games rooms, along with the Horde Christmas Ornament that she gave us last Christmas!  Truly, she is a most fabulous Tauren!  She even showed us her Tauren dance!

Crafty Pacheco Welcomes Us in Style!

Every travel/adventure zone has creatures that you should be wary of!  This fearsome beast was most likely the reason we only saw one solitary whale on a four hour long whale-watching trip.  Curse that cranky looking beastie!


Shockingly, this evil green creature had the ability to cast polymorph and sheeped me when I got too close.

BAA! I've been sheeped!

This left Regis alone to face the dreadful monster.  He promptly feigned death.  At least, I think he feigned death because of the monster.  Maybe it was the lighthouse that scared him more.

Yes, Mages can cast Feign Death but only at scenic viewpoints.

Thankfully, the treacherous sea-monster didn’t continue his attack.  He disappeared into the Bay of Fundy, probably to eat that one whale we saw!

As you can see if was a lovely, lovely vacation adventure and we would love to be there again.  It’s a sure thing that we’ll be back again on another trip some time in the future.

You're supposed to stay off the black rocks at Peggy's Cove

Back again, if only to cuddle with Hello Kitty again! 😉

A true Hello Kitty fan-troll!

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