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New Beginnings.

I’m not an author, nor do I aspire to be one.  But I wrote some fan-fiction.

Which is a tad ironic, as I don’t really read that much WoW (or any) fan-fic.  But I thought it would be fun to write out a little story about a new pet my hunter recently tamed.   All I wanted something a little more interesting than saying, “Hey, look what I have!” /screenshot

So I started writing.

And then I kept writing.

And then wrote some more.

So yeah, it’s a lot longer than I had intended and I’m not even sure if it’s any good.  I’m also not sure if I care.

But it’s after the cut if you wish to read it.

(Don’t worry, there is still a screenshot – and it even works into the “story”!)

* * * * *


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You can cast a better heal but you can't spend more mana.

Update: This post is ancient and no longer applicable. See the Cataclysm version here.

Like a lot of resto druids, I tend to Rejuvenate first and ask questions later.

Fight starting? Rejuv the tanks.

Targeted by something? Have a Rejuvenation.

AOE coming up? Rejuvenation for all with a side of Wild Growth.

With Swiftmend and Nourish to plug holes and the occasional free Lifebloom, this strategy has seen me most of the way through Icecrown.

However, one recent fight — Blood Queen Lana’thel — has gotten me thinking about Mana regen again.

We’ve only beaten her a few times at this stage but I find this fight harder on my mana than most of the rest of ICC. It eases up towards the end when a good chunk of the raid have been turned into self-healing vampires but there’s a bit before that where I find I’ve Innervated, chugged a potion (in case), my trinket is on cooldown and my mana bar isn’t as blue as I would like it to be.

Given that a stated goal of Cataclysm is to make healers think about mana again, it seems like a good opportunity to start examining my spellbook to see if I need to change my approach.

Warning: attempted theorycrafting!


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I, like most others, love to complain.  Whether it be about bad tanks, loot ninjas, or not living in bestest place ever.

I know I’m not the only one who complains.  We all do at some point.  And that’s okay.  But do you ever find yourself starting to exhibit the behavour you condemn?*


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I am a hero in my own small way.

There are lots of ways you can be a hero outside of Azeroth.  Donate blood, donate food, donate money or donate time.  Hold the door open for a stranger.  Say thank you when they hold the door open for you.  Smile more. Create positive energy.

It’s up to you to choose the way that works best for you.  Just know that the small stuff counts.

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Release the mounts!

I while ago, probably as a result of my current  Talbuk Mount jealousy, I invested in a random mount macro.   Over time, Chawa has amassed more then a few epic mounts.  Her first epic ground mount was a white Frostwolf earned with Alterac Valley marks back in Burning Crusade.  It was the easiest way to get a “very fast” mount if you didn’t have the gold. 

For Chawa’s first epic flyer, she set her heart on the Cenarion Expedition’s War Hippogryph. I place this decision solely on one comment I had read, about “feeling like a unique snowflake” when flying on it. With this dream locked in my head, I spend hours grinding ears up in the Borean Tundrea just to gain the reputation necessary. 

In any event, over time she’s gained a few more epics: 

Each and every one of these mounts deserve the chance to be let out to play.  Don’t be one of those players who only brings out their mammoth for a Mammoth parade in Dalaran.  Keep it interesting with a random mount macro!   Of course, you might not be fully prepared for the outcome!  The Mammoth mount in particular seemed to pop up at the worse spots.  Sometimes, it’s harmless…. 

Hmmmm.... auto-run fail.

Other times, I’m sure that the random mount macro is out to kill me!!!

You have got to be joking...

In the end, I recommend that you release your fears and trust your random mount macro. 

Little did you know, your Mammoth mount obviously had circus training in the past! 🙂

Tightrope chain walking Mammoth coming through!

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