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I’ve found something happening quite a lot lately in random instance runs. To me it seems like ninja behaviour, even if it is largely trivial.

Basically, quite a few people roll need on anything they can even when it is obviously not an upgrade.

There is one telling thing about this behaviour that makes me think it is a ninja — it almost never happens on any boss except the final one.


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There are many, many resources available out there on the interwebz on how to improve your character in WoW.

These resources can be used to find optimal gear, spec, rotation, gems, enchants, et cetera, et cetera.

But one of the things that people often forget is who they are getting their information from.  Well, maybe not so much “who”, but they forget at what level the information comes.  No, I don’t mean “a level 80”.  I mean more like a “casual” raider or a “heroic mode” raider.  Or even a 10-man raider versus a 25-man raider. 

You see, it’s easy to forget the impact that different tiers of gear (and subsequent stats) may have on the effectiveness of a certain spec.  It’s easy to also forget the available group buffs that impact the spec. 

Let me use myself as an example as to how important these bits of information are…


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Good Morning lovely world!  Happy Friday!

The best thing to come out of Blizzard’s Real-ID in the Official WoW Forums ultimatum is the writing. 

The second best thing is the wake-up call to people who have been very naive about what they put their real name to on the internet.  I am sure it has led people to take steps to clean up the internet breadcrumb trail they may have left over the years.  Thankfully, I don’t believe my trail is too easy to find but I certainly wiped up what crumb I did find.

I also tried to log into my battlenet account last night to add my “vote” as a post in the official Real-Id thread of discontent.  Strangely, I got an error message that said “this service is not available at this time”….

However, with my work week being one filled with rage, I’d rather at least try to focus on the positive today.   The below list is no way near complete and really only highlight the ones that made me smile today (which were from the only 2 blogs  I’ve read today!) . 

There is a bundle of great writing out there folks but sadly, I’ve got to stop pretending to work and actually get some done.  So please add your own favourites as well! 


  • From Euripedes, and only he could have pulled it off: 

Ahhh, ignorance. It tastes like AIDS


  • From Grimtooth, who wraps it up simply (and I’d love to see the video): 

Blizzard. Left side. Many screwups. HANDLE EET.


  • From Shade (thanks to a link from Dechion) who certainly defined it for me: 

Internet Dragons!

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Holy Crow, there was some big news posted yesterday – with a little bit of follow up.  (Using WoW.com links as the offical forums don’t load for me properly.)

And it has stirred up a LOT of opinion on the matter, but these are just a few things I’ve read:

Anyway, this isn’t supposed to be a “blogs I read” summary.  I actually have my own thoughts on this, too…


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Name That Orc!

I have a Forsaken Death Knight.  His name is Unholyregis.

I’m enjoying playing a Death Knight, but I’m not enjoying the Forsaken part all that much.

So, I’m thinking about doing the race change to an Orc. 


Because Orcs are awesome.  Period.




But I’m also thinking I should rename him.  Unfortunately, I don’t know what to rename him to. 

Obviously, I want to stick with the Class/Regis theme.  Naturalregis for a druid.  Makes sense.  Totemregis for a Shammy.  Makes sense.  Spookyregis for a Warlock.  Makes sense.  Trappyregis for a Hunter.  Weak, but it makes sense.

Unholyregis also makes sense, but I’m looking for something Death Knight-y, but possibly a little bit more ambiguous.  Do I ask too much?

Anyway – this is a call out for some suggestions.  Please help! 🙂

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