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Typical Righteous Defense

In case you skipped over my last post, I’m currently going through a lore phase. It’s all Saurfang’s fault. He left me with a craving for more Warcraft stories of honour and so I picked up Rise of the Horde again. After that, I started rereading the Warcraft Archive and I’m currently on the last tale in that thick book, Of Blood and Honor.

In case you didn’t know, Of Blood and Honor is written by Chris Metzen himself, the current VP of Creative Development at Blizzard.  It’s a tale of paladin honour and duty starting  the Paladin Tirion Fordring and what happens when a lone orc, otherwise known during that time as the enemy of humanity, saves his life.

Anyhoo, here I am, peacefully reading the story when suddenly, one sentence stops me dead in my tracks and sends me spinning into a flashback.

“You’ll watch your tone with me, boy.  I am still governor of this province and your direct superior as a Paladin.”

Oh brother…, not again.  Just when I thought I had been saved from ever hearing those words again.

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