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Children’s Week has come and gone in the worlds of Azeroth and Outland.  And from most of my conversations with other people, they generally like (or don’t mind) the world event, barring one particular achievement:  School of Hard Knocks.  And to be perfectly honest, I’m with them.  I did not enjoy trying to complete SoHK.  Just like many others, I shouted, screamed, cried, and lost some sleep over this nastiness.

Inspired by attempting SoHK, Big Bear Butt chimed in on PvE vs. PvP for achivements and such.  I agree with his sentiments and ideas, and this is [unintentionally] an expansion/tangent on it.  Because Children’s Week isn’t the only world event with a PvP component, but it just happens to be the one that is the HUGEST PAIN IN THE ASS. 




Why is it such a pain?  Some people might say it’s because of “griefers”, jerks, hardcore PvP’ers, etc.   Or that these crazy requirements can bring out the worst in people.  And in some caes, that is very legit.  Hell, I bitched and moaned myself about getting my squishy ass kicked and everyone doing so was a douche.

But now that I’ve had a chance to step back, clear my head of frustration, and re-evaluate my School of Hard Knocks experience; I’d say that this isn’t the case.

Looking back, I think that this achivement actually brought out the best in people.


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