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I had started playing around with other tanking classes a while ago and as a result I’d gotten kind of down on my warrior. It just seemed that other tanks could run through heroics with so much less effort and grief.

However,  I’ve been playing him more lately and have found tanking on him to be better than I remembered.

In fact, I now think that warriors are the superior tanks. They are certainly the most fun.

While still the weakest for AOE threat, warriors have the most comprehensive set of tanking abilities. Let’s look at some of the areas where warriors excel.


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I’m late for work

but helping a fresh 80 BM hunter was priceless!  🙂

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Ah, glorious Vault of Archavon (or VoA), how you amuse me! 

Okay, maybe VoA doesn’t amuse me so, but sometimes the people in it do. 

For those who avoid PvP (and live underneath an Azerothian rock), VoA is the raid you get as a reward for winning the world battleground known as Wintergrasp.  So, if you have happened to participate in the WG battle that happens approximately every 2.5 hours, you will notice the VoA callouts immediately after a victory (both in WG and Dalaran).  

[1. General] [PlayerName] LFG VoA 10/25!!!1!  (And anything of the ilk.) 

You are also likely aware of fact that VoA bosses drop some high end PvP gear and tier gear.  Toravon drops potential hands or legs in Tier 10, Koralon drops hands/legs in Tier 9, and so on for Emalon and Archavon.  The iLevel loot also matches up with the raid size, so 25-man VoA drops 25-man equivalent gear.  Which also means that if you run both 10 and 25, you get potentially two swings at the bat for some phat lewtz and some extra Emblems of Frost

Depending on the time and day, I enjoy duking it out in Wintergrasp and following it up with hopping into a VoA.  Now, the biggest downside of every VoA run is that you’re in a PuG.  As such, they can often be a little unpredictable.  This latest venture into VoA was just that, because the completely unexpected did occur to me. 


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An Empty Victory

Malygos is a Wayward Fan.

Once upon a time, this Tauren wrote a blog post about Malygos. It was the Morning after Maly and the guild had wiped repeatedly until they just couldn’t take it anymore.  Being the optimist Tauren, I ended on a positive note:  “And when we are successful, as I know we will be, the victory will be that much sweeter.”

Time passed. Heroics were run. Rolls were won and gear was crafted.  Weekly raid quests sent us back to Naxx, into Ulduar, ToC and back again. ToC10man was conquered and we began venturing into ICC’s lower spire.

And then finally, after months, Malygos was the weekly raid quest again. We were stronger in gear, stats and filled with confidence. Little did I know that Maly is a Wayward Fan and he knew I wanted him to go down.  Little did I know, as phase 3 began and I looked over the drake’s action bars for the first time in months, that Maly would release his very first surge of power on me.

Silly fool” – cried Malygos. “The powers at work here exceed anything you could possibly imagine!

The bright DBM warning flashed and I fumbled at my Shield of Flame but it was too late.  Maly blasted me from the sky and I was demoted from DPS to Space Junk and Raid Screenshot Shooter.

Never one to walk away from watching a raid continue around my corpse, I took up the role of Raid Screenshot Shooter with zeal.

However, Maly was not yet done with me. When the guild took him down, he dragged me down with him and booted me right out of Azeroth. I landed in the “Real World” shocked, full of profanity and panic at the posibility that I didn’t get the kill, the achievement and that title.

Luckily, I did in fact get credit for the kill however it felt empty. Even when I play the role of the dead raider, I am there to watch the fight and witness the team’s triumph. I am there not only to hear my own glorious achievement ringing bells but to see the achievement notifications of my fellow guildies. Maly stole away all that away from me and made it an empty victory.  In the end, I believe that Maly won this fight and it is one that I will never be able to get back.

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Typical Righteous Defense

In case you skipped over my last post, I’m currently going through a lore phase. It’s all Saurfang’s fault. He left me with a craving for more Warcraft stories of honour and so I picked up Rise of the Horde again. After that, I started rereading the Warcraft Archive and I’m currently on the last tale in that thick book, Of Blood and Honor.

In case you didn’t know, Of Blood and Honor is written by Chris Metzen himself, the current VP of Creative Development at Blizzard.  It’s a tale of paladin honour and duty starting  the Paladin Tirion Fordring and what happens when a lone orc, otherwise known during that time as the enemy of humanity, saves his life.

Anyhoo, here I am, peacefully reading the story when suddenly, one sentence stops me dead in my tracks and sends me spinning into a flashback.

“You’ll watch your tone with me, boy.  I am still governor of this province and your direct superior as a Paladin.”

Oh brother…, not again.  Just when I thought I had been saved from ever hearing those words again.

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