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Before a raid fight begins, I subconsciously physically shift into position.  I will roll about on my bouncy ball until I find a comfortable balance.  In some instances, I’ve got to amputate the cat from my lap on to the padded foot stool next to the desk and try to ignore the cat’s accusatory glare of infidelity.  Keyboard, mouse or headset cables must be tucked away because I can’t stand them brushing up against me while I’m playing.  Both the keyboard and the mouse are re-positioned for comfort all for the goal of giving the best raid performance I can.

Of course, I’m sure that this ideal posture and position only lasts about 5 secs into the start of the actual fight.

Hence, in between bosses, I may have to re-correct my posture, my balance on the bouncy ball, the position of both my mouse and keyboard.

My mouse is quite new actually.  I splurged for one of those Razer ones and it’s the first mouse I have ever owned with that many buttons.  I’m finally putting those buttons to good use on my priest when she heals, but outside of my priest, I really have no idea what those buttons are tied to.

Turns out that one of them, the one directly on the side of the mouse, is tied to the automatic run function.  This I discovered when I was repositioning my mouse for the Gunship Battle in ICC.  As I shifted my mouse closer, my hand bumped into my keyboard.  I heard that deadly click and gasped as Chawa ran right off the edge of Ogrim’s Hammer.

Sadly, the rocket packs don’t work when you’re falling to your doom.

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