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Sparkle Pony This

As you all know, the Celestial Steed infestation hit Azeroth this week. On day 1, you couldn’t miss them.  They were at every corner in Dalaran if they weren’t already hovering over Horgath’s Landing.  This weekend however, the infestation has seemingly been reduced.  As if everyone who had one, suddenly realized that they were just one of everyone else.

Out of curiosity, I did a little survey among my guild to see what people thought of the Celestial Steed.  The majority of the votes reported that they weren’t going to buy the latest in-game mount because they wanted to be unique.  They didn’t want to have the same mount as everyone else.

My DK Princess dinged 70 this week and finally was able to get epic flying.  Of course, she needed an epic flying mount. Although I call her my princess and she does ride a deathpony, she needed something unique, something different then my other characters.  And something that would send every Celestial Steed running!  🙂

Introducing my Armored Blue Wind Rider!

Look - he's even got a utility belt!

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