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After a Chawakanda comment on a recent Regis post I thought it might be useful to put out a brief guide for DPS on how to know when it’s okay to start attacking in earnest.

Each tank has a signature AOE ability. Waiting for this ability before doing AOE damage is not a guarantee that you won’t pull aggro but not waiting for it is generally a guarantee that you will.


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Superior Firepower: Arcane Magery

So, a few days ago I wrote a lovely opinion piece on what a new level 80 Mage should do whilst being showered with Emblems of Triumph.  And I actually recieved a few comments that did not tell me to, “Go play Pictionary or something…”

One particular comment came from Metaneira, in regards to the T9 set bonus for Arcane mages.   To quote:

Also, the T9 set bonuses do best suit fire mages, but even arcane mages will benefit more from 4pc T9 than 2pc T9 + the two 245 pieces. At least that’s what the math tells me, even though it seems unlikely.

So, I thought I would put that theory to the test.

Questionable testing procedures and results by the horribly unqualified to follow.


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