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Hybrid Indecision

I’m DPSing in a heroic dungeon. 

Suddenly, the tank’s health drops.

What do you do?

As a hunter, there really wasn’t anything that I could do.  My job was to focus fire on the tank’s target without stealing agro and protect the healer.

However, these days I’m running as a shadow priest and there are things I could do to help keep the tank alive.  Or the healer.  Or a fellow dpser.  But am I supposed to?

On my hunter, my role is clear but on my shadow priest, I find myself in a grey area and I’m not too sure where the lines are.  As a shadow priest, I am choosing a damage role but as a hybrid class, I can do more than just damage. And personally, it would be wrong to do only damage. 

Obviously, if the healer goes down, then shadowform falls off and I do my best to get some emergency heals out in desperation that the tank stays up.  These are (supposed to be) rare occasions of heroism and I’m quite clear on my duty to do whatever necessary to save the group from a wipe.  I’m more concerned about a normal run.  What’s expected from my hybrid priest?

At a start of a fight, I don’t shield anyone.  I signed up as a DPS and that’s what I should concentrate on. There is a reason that someone else has signed up as a healer. 

However when the tank’s health drops to 50%, my spell rotation gets messy.  I start blindly button smashing while I keep my eye on the health of the group.  Depending on how the instance has been going and if the tank or the healers’s health drops more, I might toss out a shield to buy some time for the healer to get that big heal cast off (which I hope is coming).

In other cases, if a fellow DPS’s health is low, I might throw a shield on them because the more people we’ve got alive, the faster the fight will end. 

Is this sort of behavior rude?  Does it send a message to the healer that I don’t have faith in them? 

Or is it welcomed?  Is it recognized as a preventive, helpful measure?

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